Red Dead Redemption 2 Preorder Details Up

ResetEra member Simo managed to save a screenshot of the Microsoft’s store page that revealed the potential information.

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KaiPow190d ago

That GTA cash is a nice bonus.

-Foxtrot190d ago

It's funny how they give cash away for the pre order towards GTA Online but nothing for the Red Dead multiplayer. Usually with these types of pre order bonuses you usually see something for the online, surprised there's no money towards that. Not bothered personally, just thought it was strange to see.

Alexious190d ago

Perhaps they're not as confident that RDR2 multiplayer will be the big success GTA Online is?

The_Jackel189d ago

coop would be a great success though but doubt they would put that in over mp which is sh*t

cfc83188d ago

They want to keep people as close to shark cards as possible.

-Foxtrot190d ago

Come on Rockstar...things are starting to slip, just announce the rest officially

Not to mention show off the collector's edition.

stefan_771189d ago

Collectors edition reveal is confirmed for this month

stefan_771189d ago

Looking forward to seeing what's in the special editions

The_Jackel189d ago

it will come just like the first game..... oh wait no it wont

showtimefolks189d ago

Because Sony has marketing rights this is ms way of saying it's coming to us too. Maybe I am wrong but they did the same around destiny launch and used killzone images to promote Xbox just to name a few

SkippyPaccino189d ago

Yep, Microsoft is the dude chucking the bong to Sony's Red dead redemption 2 marketing deal

doggo84188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Never, and I mean never chuck the bong

The_Jackel189d ago

xbox tries way too hard with that crap its like they have a cry and have to chuck a tantrum because they dont have marketing rights.
money could be spent better elsewhere then trying to state the games also on xbox. if people want to know what platforms its on they will find out

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The story is too old to be commented.