Detroit: Become Human Is A Technical Marvel, PS4 Pro vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Quantic Dreams have created a technical marvel.

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Nyxus379d ago

This game does look amazing, especially the character models, they are just insane.

DarkVoyager379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Just got this game on PS4 Pro along with an LG OLED TV and this game looks stunning! Some scenes I wonder how they pulled that off. The character models are by far the best I’ve seen to date.

GaboonViper379d ago

Enjoy, i can't wait to get it after the World cup.

DarkVoyager379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

“Enjoy, i can't wait to get it after the World cup.“

Thanks! I’m sure you’ll really like the game.

Every time I finish a chapter and see the Flowchart I’m surprised by how many things I didn’t complete. Pretty awesome you can go back and change the outcome if you choose.

getbacktogaming379d ago

Damn I wish my 1080p TV would stop working so my girlfriend would let me upgrade :P

DarkVoyager379d ago

“Damn I wish my 1080p TV would stop working so my girlfriend would let me upgrade”

I hear that. The LG OLED B7A is a great choice. They’re on sale while they last. Amazing picture quality. You want be dissapointed.

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Muzikguy379d ago

Sometimes I wonder what the competition thinks about games like this. I want to get this game soon. Hoping for the deluxe edition with Heavy Rain as well. Then I need a 4K tv and a Pro!

AspiringProGenji379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Since the Downgrade squad hasn’t made any noise since this game came, I am guessing they were wrong about Detroit... again!

GaboonViper379d ago

Theres this guy on Twitter called Sparton Blem, his entire life involves faking pics of PS4 games to say they are downgraded.


Haha really. Some people are sad. Makes me question the relativity of good and evil. The unseen forces.

Duke19379d ago

I'm also amazed with the optimization. The PS4 almost keeps pace with the pro

Muzikguy379d ago

That's good to know since I've yet to get a Pro

AKS379d ago

2160 checkerboard is quite a bit higher than 1080p, and it still runs smoother on Pro.

378d ago
Father__Merrin379d ago

This looks better than any pc game Tbh how is a 200watt psu PS4 pulling off visuals like this?

343_Guilty_Spark379d ago

Because it’s a dedicated gaming device. You knew that.

379d ago
Muzikguy379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

(speaking about prettygoodgamer)

oasdada379d ago

That the reason my pc isnt getting any love recently.. No matter how powerful my card is its not beating the likes of shadow of the collosus, Gow , detroit and gravity rush 2 which i got my hand on revently and hot digity!

379d ago
oasdada379d ago

Yea im not kidding.. And fyi ive been gaming on pc since i was 9 i assemble my own pc and countless times ive tinkered with gfx thru ini files to imprve gfx since i was a wee lad, i can twll the range of frame rates on screen without any fps counter and can tell what gfx effects and tricks are being used in amy perticualr screen, so yea im not that guy who turns settings on MAX and immediately gets impressed by the gfx just because i cant comprehend whats going on screen and am simply impressed because my game is in MAX! So yea Boi i am not "kidding".. Amd FYI i have a gtx 1070 and no switching resolution upto 8k doesnt give a game better "Graphics" That is all eye candy..

Bathyj379d ago

Damn, J-blaze got burned.

Father__Merrin377d ago

Some PS4 games look far superior than pc games. It's clearly aparant pc gamers dont know what graphics are? Graphics are essentially the stuff that's showing on screen how good it all looks 8n motion and gameplay.

God of war is 1080 30fps but it's a much superior visual masterpiece than let's say Thomas was alone, pc gamers think because Thomas was alone can be 4k 60FPS THE FACT that it can be 4k 60fps means it's better than GOW that's 1080 30fps

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riibhu379d ago

That's because there IS no pc exclusive game with AAA budget. Last time it happened was when crisis 1 released, that was the last true PC exclusive, nothing could come close to it in technical department.
Today no one wants to take risk by making a similar pc exclusive with AAA budget. Everything is either multiplatform or a straight up port. Even exclusive games have been confined to only strategies or city builder etc pc oriented genres.

Ju379d ago

There is no such thing as "exclusive" PC games. The PC market is just too fragmented that one could just optimize for one performance target.

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ClayRules2012379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

A technical marvel it is.

Not only am I amazed with how much bigger the scope & scale of the environments are from QD’s previous games, but my gosh...the character models are absolutely stunning in motion. The best I’ve ever seen.

I went into the gallery where you can look over the models and zoom in & move the camera, and the detail that the artists have put into the tiniest details is insane. I compared that with basically what Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 4’s models, and while they’re incredible in their own right, Detroit’s models are even more mpressive “in my opinion”

I love that QD create a new engine for each new game. I mean, Heavy Rain (graphically) to Beyond two Souls is a generational looking leap.

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