Hyrule Warriors Switch Improves Over Wii U - But It's Still Not Good Enough

This Definitive Edition on Switch unlocks the game to 60fps - but can it actually achieve it consistently? Tom and John discuss the merits of a much-improved release over Wii U, but also the clear pitfalls it has in performance while docked and as a handheld.

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Vegamyster1078d ago

I did notice the portable mode looked surprisingly sharp, that said it would be a much better experience to drop the 1080p downscaling because it obviously can't handle it, hopefully they patch it.

Foraoise1077d ago

It's fine in handheld. I've played countless hours. THe cutsceens are a little iffy but that's literally it. Damn people see one video of someone exaggerating and BS-ing and now everyone assumes it runs like crap in handheld. It REALLY doesn't. Take it from someone who's logged more hours than you can count in both the Wii U and 3DS, as well as the Switch version of this game (I've been no-lifing it).

It's like people WANT to make up reasons for a game to "suck". Stop trolling.

Vegamyster1077d ago

Dunno how you think i'm trolling, i never implied the game "sucks". I have the game too and like it but it clearly drops below 30 fps for stretches in handheld mode, it would objectivity be a better experience if they'd patch it to 720p in handheld mode so eliminate this issue, no need to get hostile.

Foraoise1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

The framerate drop is barely noticable. Like -2 frames, MAX during gameplay. I've beaten story mode, and all but 2 maps. Again I no-life this game each time it releases. People are throwing around "oh it drops like -10+ it's HORRIBLE with the frames!"

And I'm so damn tired of hearing those blatant lies.

Vegamyster1077d ago

They're not blatant lies, maybe on the first two maps but not on the larger more intricate maps. Omega Force's games have had performance issues the past two gens, a simple res change to this game which wouldn't change the visuals that much would probably have it run liked docked mode instead.

Foraoise1077d ago

They ARE blatant lies. Again, I've PLAYED SO MUCH of the game. There really isn't much of a difference between the two modes. You're clearly going off of that one video that's been floating around, lying, gathering ignorant viewers to jump to a conclusion. It's idiotic.

Again. I've beaten the game, have TWO ADVENTURE MAPS LEFT (One is a few tiles away from being beaten, with the other being mostly beaten); I would know. You're wrong. Stop lying, stop trolling, stop bandwaggoning with ignorance.

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