Does Microsoft Have Much To Prove at E3 2018?

This latest episode weighs in on Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and who has the most pressure on their shoulders to reveal their best games at E3 2018.

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1582d ago
chrisx1582d ago

people have been asking for top quality softwares. they gotta prove that they've been listening.

The_Jackel1581d ago

but the other issue is, fans of xbox have been happy with their output and quality of the games. i for one think its pathetic i want good games not unfinished crap to play on my x or pc. they have alot to prove to me personally other wise i will stick with Pc next gen and forget buying any xbox console.

hamburgerhill1581d ago

And just how do you know or any of you know that Xbox gamers are happy with there output? I swear it's like crazy opinion season!

The_Jackel1581d ago

and how do you know they aint happy with it?

"I swear it's like crazy opinion season!"
so we aint allowed to discuss on n4g about anything? next you will call me a fanboy to make yourself feel better because i dont have the same crap views you spew out everywhere on this site

Godmars2901581d ago

Being happy for trailers to games that don't come out, or downgraded or get canceled, is not the same as being happy for games that come out within 2-3 and reasonably delivers if not exceeds expectations.

Bobafret1580d ago

I am not happy with the quality of software, and I am very much a fan of Xbox.

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Aceman181581d ago

They have a lot to prove in my eyes. This is their last shot to show me that they'll put quality finished titles ahead of money grubbing tactics.

jokerisalive1581d ago

agreed Chrisx. MS has dropped the ball BIGTIME on first party efforts as of late and SOT and SOD2 are mediocre at best and I love Xbox but I am not defending there subpar efforts anymore. Its embarrassing and I feel like Phil is more of a mouthpiece that is just doing the bare minimum and its showing in the bare minimum efforts for there games. The first party is a mess and if they delay Crackdown yet again then they have pretty much proven what alot of people have been thinking all along that they just dont care as much and are just getting by with BC and will propably fall into third place very fast. Phil and Satya are showing that MS commitment to Xbox is a joke compared to what it was with the X360. I wont get my hopes up for them this E3 as they have way to much to prove and this gen is pretty much over for them. They have sunken to far as to not even talk about console numbers for a while now and the weird metrics they use for headshots fired and hours played on particular games is just sad overall. They have lost faith themselves and are just trying to make a profit with Live accounts and now the Gamepass. Its messed up how far they have fallen. All I can say to them is good luck but you will lose even more fans to PS4 pretty soon with the lack of drive they have displayed. More focus is put on BC than new IP's and thats not good as great as BC is. The primary focus should ALWAYS be first party.

ArchangelMike1582d ago

Microsoft only need to prove that they can survive E3, and they will. And the fanboys will give them a free ass...
oops, sorry, I meant to say "free pass".

CP_Company1582d ago

exactly, and after few weeks they gonna sing again, wait til next E3. it is happening many many years now. m$ will do whatever they can to survive this E3, lei, spin, deceive and other shady tactics, they are doing that for years now.

Yui_Suzumiya1581d ago

Nah, I doubt that was a typo, lol

CaptainObvious8781581d ago

I see what you did there.

A free pass without the lube or the 'p' :D

yellowgerbil1582d ago

Well it sounds like if you only play gears of war you're set with 3 new gears games coming. The only variety Xbox has is varying quality of shooters

nowitzki20041581d ago

And even that this gen has not been true.

1582d ago
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