E3 2018 Predictions – The Rest

Player 2 finishes off their E3 2018 predictions with a look at the developers and publishers that don't have their own conference. What surprises will come from the showroom floor?

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SpamnJam164d ago

I think Darksiders, Cyberpunk and Devil May Cry will all have a big presence. I also think that Capcom will have a few more surprises now that they have fat stacks of Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World money.

Footyspacecadet164d ago

Rocksteady due to announce whatever they are working on, possibly superman. Also a Mortal Kombat announcement

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Platformgamer164d ago

devolver digital was funny the first time, but i hope this year they announce games without trolling
i see E3 for announcments, not for the lols