A Defense of Skyrim: Or Why Revisionism Never Holds Up

If one were so inclined to visit the right internet forums, watch the right YouTube videos, or even listen to the right opinions, one could be excused for thinking—truly believing, even—that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) is a bad game. Current occurrences of revisionism certainly would have you believe so.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi141d ago

Not a bad game but it is also not the best Elder Scroll game either.

RainbowBrite141d ago

Not the best Elder Scroll game but it is also not the worst

CorndogBurglar140d ago

I only started playing Elder Scrolls with Oblivion, which I liked a lot more. Skyrim was much prettier. But Oblivion was just really cool.

Having said that, no game wants to be known as "not the worst". Lol

Gh05t140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Although I appreciate the authors attempt and what seems to be well thought out dialogue. It's basis and context only reflect people who complain of the game today comparing it to newer games. What about all of us who thought some of these same things and compared it to older games? If you are a Morrowind or Oblivion fan Skyrim is a shell of it's predecessors mechanics, and possibilities. Those great leaps forward removed a lot of it's depth in play style.

Skyrim was Okay at best but to me was still a pretty bad ES game. It was pretty, and large but those two things do not make a great game.

cpayne93140d ago

The distant landscapes were nice but skyrim was kinda ugly even when it was released in some ways. All the elder scrolls games have been like that tho. I enjoyed Skyrim but its hard not to feel at least a little gipped when you compare it to the depth of the last two games.

bluefox755140d ago

Not bad, but it definitely had flaws that were largely overlooked.

Cobra951140d ago

"Revisionism" is such a heavyweight word to apply to this context. I expected to read something far more political because of it. Happily, I was wrong.

I love the big classic Bethesda games, Skyrim included. No others get nearly as much of my play time.

MizHDTV140d ago

Still makes me mad I can’t lvl up my jump

Gh05t140d ago

Jump up stairs to level jump. Jump down the stairs to level acrobatics.