Tomonobu Itagaki: From Team Ninja to Ronin

10 Years Ago This Month: Tecmo and its star developer hit the breaking point, Jack Thompson makes a bad situation worse, and Limbo of the Lost raises the bar for innovation in appropriation.

The games industry moves pretty fast, and there's a tendency for all involved to look constantly to what's next without so much worrying about what came before. That said, even an industry so entrenched in the now can learn from its past. So to refresh our collective memory and perhaps offer some perspective on our field's history, here's some highlight happenings in gaming from exactly a decade ago.

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DVAcme1273d ago

I hate this egomaniacal creep. He constantly bitches and complains about other games like his shit don't stink and his games are masterpieces, when they are middle-of-the-road at best and prurient incel wish fulfillment fodder at worse (remember "She kicks high"?). Not to mention he's a real-life sexual harasser. I'm glad he's been out of the spotlight, I can't stand the fucker.

UCForce1273d ago

And good thing that Team Ninja is doing pretty well without him.

naruga1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

@above(ok UCForce your comment convienced me that u r here only for comments---u r not gaming) ..... are u serious??? are u even gaming ....Itagaki is one hell of a talented developer/director that made Ninja Gaiden the legendary game it is today...His harcore authentic skill to make games with superb gamepaly and difficulty but fair is starting to fade off in gaming industry... ....very few devs out there even in Japan can match him ...his only con that stuck with lame Xbox and didnt relese the Ninja Gaiden Black and 2 on PS3 (with him directing personally not the lazy Team Ninja ports)

morganfell1272d ago

And Naruga is only here to hate Western games.

The guy was and likely still is an arrogant jerk. Talk to some people that worked with him not only at Team Ninja but also Valhalla. He was going through tons of money in adult clubs then writing it off as an expense. Not showing up at the office, disappearing for days.

What Itagaki wouldn't acknowledge was NG was good because he was surrounded by talent. When that one hit wonder went on his own he face planted. He reminds me of the star wars kid.

And to be a ronin you must have first been a samurai. He wasn't.

Venox20081272d ago

@naruga ..i agree part about Ninja Gaiden games..they are awesome..but dod you play his game on WiiU Devils Third .. even though some bits of game were good, bigger part was a pure crap

naruga1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

@Venox ...i dont own a Wii U ...but i saw the whole game walkthrough on youtube ....and its one of these games i would buy instantly seems technical and difficult like Ninja G,and also has these super likable (for me)over the top cheesy characters -which are Itagakis signature ...if they werent these crappy FPS features in the game would be a far better product

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TheOttomatic911273d ago

Wow legit forgot about that makes me even more glad he's become so irrelevant now.

solideagle1273d ago

I thought he was accussed of rape? is he still in Gaming Industry?

TheOttomatic911273d ago

Lol this guy thought he was bigger than he was, when he voluntarily left Tecmo he thought his name and reputation would be enough to save him. Thankfully reality told him otherwise.

syphon321273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

His crappy game told him otherwise... His company Valhalla studios dropped a fat Cleveland steamer by the name of...oh shit, I forgot... It's not even worth searching just to complete my was hyped out this world and and ended up flopping....devil's third.. That's the name..

DivineAssault 1273d ago

Like him or hate him, this guy made DOA what it is today.. Ninja Gaiden on xbox too.. DOA 5 was a nice comeback for team ninja but theyve been dormant

syphon321272d ago

True, I can't be too mad at him... Ninja Gaiden is my shit

Amplitude1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

that dude looks like tommy wiseau

morganfell1272d ago

With the talent to match.

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