Why Platinum Games may never work with a publisher again

Co-founders Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba discuss the acclaimed studio's self-funded future and determination to own its IP.

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Nyxus2182d ago

"This creative desire may have been long in the making, but undoubtedly the biggest push was Microsoft's surprise cancellation of Scalebound, a long-in-development new fantasy IP that Platinum was working on for the Xbox firm. The impact of this move by Microsoft cannot be understated - had it not been for smash hit Nier: Automata, which released just a few months later, Platinum Games would have faced financial bankruptcy."

It's a good thing Nier: Automata was such a success!

maybelovehate2182d ago

Why do you quote the one thing written as opinion by the author over the actual quoted reasons from the studio? The studio never mentions scalebound as a reason, they mention Bayonetta.

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UCForce2182d ago

Cancelled Scalebound is still the worst MS decision ever make. So yes, gaming media and community will always remember that. Thank to Nier, that game saved Platinum Game.

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Nyxus2182d ago

@ Reaprr: it's a direct excerpt from the article, and Kamiya has in fact suggested that PG was saved by the success of Nier. Not sure what the big problem is here.

maybelovehate2182d ago

@gamezero: Why do you want to ignore that platinum temporily shut down production of the game and that the director went on medical leave? Scalebound was a mistake by MS, but the demise of it wasn't their fault.

darthv722182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

@zero, why do you want to blame MS for canceling a game that obviously was taking the back seat while PG was finishing up Nier?

If I hired someone to do a job and found out they werent putting in their best effort to do it because they were doing a job for someone else... guess what happens?

Now maybe perhaps canceling the entire project was a bit extreme but it was their decision. Who knows... it may still have a chance at getting finished by another developer.

Imalwaysright2182d ago

Because fanboys will be fanboys.

@ gamerzero

Don't forget about PC gamers.

Eiyuuou2182d ago


That’s just speculation on your part.

bluefox7552182d ago

But we see this time and time again. MS struggles to have good, successful relationships with the studios they work with. I get the feeling that they're too hands on with the development of studios they own or work with.

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gangsta_red2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )


Pretty sure that Platinum made more games before Scalebound that didn't burn up the charts or do well in sales.

Luckily the success of Neir put them back on the straight and narrow.

"..it's has been discussed numerious times in the past."

It's been speculated, rumored and never confirmed.

"Listen Microsoft could have handled it differently, look how long Crackdown has been in production..."

Which more than likely means something on Platinum's end wasnt working correctly.

But I get it's easier to blame it all on MS to rack up XP on this site.

Nyxus2182d ago

@ threefootwang:

"Even though everyone outside N4G is more than aware that Platinum Games screwed up Scalebound, on this site it's clearly without a doubt MS's fault."


Srhalo2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Guys, it's not like Microsoft only canceled Scalebound. They canceled Fable, Adrift, Phantom Dust and Project Spark and they closed a ton of studios most were smaller but it included bigger studios like Lionhead and Press Play.

You hardcore Xbox fans want to deflect everything from Microsoft but the reality is they were closing studios and canceling games and Scalebound got caught up in that. Look at Microsoft's game line-up the past few years and it's hard to make the case that Microsoft hasn't been making poor decisions, including canceling Scalebound.

Being an Xbox fan doesn't mean just blinding giving them a pass. You need to admit they have screwed up royalty this generation especially the past few years.

Godmars2902182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

No. Insisting on online multiplayer, which clearly had no reason being in an obvious SP title, was.

gangsta_red2182d ago

When did MS insist on multiplayer, and when was Scalebound only a SP game?

Omnislashver362182d ago


You serious? The game was in development for like 3 years. Even if MS had to put it on Xbox Two they should have.

trooper_2181d ago

Scalebound could have been a great game if Microsoft allowed Platnium Games more freedom.

Obscure_Observer2181d ago


"Why do you want to ignore that Microsoft's bad decision nearly put one of the best studios out of business?"

Because they never said Microsoft´s "bad decision" almost put them out of business! That´s just another fanboy rhetoric BS based on no factual circumstances or whatsoever.

I dare you to try and bring us proof. I dare you to try and find ANY negative comment from Platinium or Kamiya blamming Microsoft over Scalebound´s cancellation or their current decision to self fund and publish their games.

I´ll wait.

3-4-52181d ago

@UCForce - "Cancelled Scalebound is still the worst MS decision ever make. So yes, gaming media and community will always remember that. Thank to Nier, that game saved Platinum Game. "

I disagree.

Microsoft disbanding Ensemble Studios was their worst decision. They made all the Age of Empire games.....classic games...never made a bad game...forced them to make halo wars on console and then disbanded them.

^ That + Never releasing a sequel to Crimson Skies + Shutting down the Crimson Skies servers were their worst decisions...at least for me.

Imalwaysright2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


So? Why not give credit to PC gamers that also bought the game and by doing so helped the studio? Why start a penis measuring contest? Oh wait, I forgot for a moment that this was N4g... carry on.

Omnislashver362181d ago

Honestly I hope Platinum allies with Square-Enix and Sony and does Drakengard in the future... Would be epic, considering they already do NEIR and had experience on Scalebound.

darthv722181d ago

@zero "That's never going to happen and you know it."... no I don't know it but I can be optimistic that it could.

@halo, lionhead closure and the subsequent Fable hiatus go hand in hand. Peter M was messing up at lionhead and dragging his feat with the new project. MS gave him opportunities but he never produced enough working results so they canned him and put the project on hold. Rumors are that it may be started back up again or has become something more but at the very least Fable is not dead.

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darthv722181d ago

@zero... didn't the head of PG make a public appology and admit responsibility in the situation involving Scalebound? I seem to recall that being a hot topic on N4G a few months back. Maybe you can be a lamb and find it for us, or find where it was dis-proven since... you know... you care so much about it.

UnHoly_One2181d ago

Why is everyone so convinced that cancelling Scalebound was a terrible decision?

Did you not watch the gameplay footage of that game that they showed off? It did not look good.

I was excited about it at first because I liked the concept of it, but the actual gameplay looked like salty garbage.

Dragonscale2181d ago

@maybe, because its true fgs and not just the authors opinion and is an important point. It appears that ms wanted to own the scalebound ip and Platinum weren't happy. MS probably wanted to monetise it and release it on PC as well. Tbh Platinum tend to make complete single player games so weren't happy with MS' vision for the game. So many people defend MS over scalebounds cancellation even though they were probably culpable.

notachance2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

the story behind Phantom Dust cancellation, the tl;dr version was that MS kept expanding the scope of the project (wanted to add full blown SP campaign amongst many other things) but hilariously refused to increase budget and timeline despite the scope is already way over what was in agreement

- previous gen MS and Level-5 debacle, given how the two companies didn't part ways on a good term there's probably little-to-no chance level-5 will put any of its title in XB anytime soon

- Platinum's track record on successfully producing exclusives for both Nintendo and Sony

oh you blind MS fanboy, the suspicion to MS is only on this site?? LMAO
you guys deserved the lack of games seriously, trashing one-sidedly on Platinum when MS obviously has so much mismanagement track record and Platinum has smooth track record on producing exclusives for other publishers

anyone with common sense could see it's most probably similar case as it was with Phantom Dust

conanlifts2181d ago


"because its true fgs and not just the authors opinion and is an important point. It appears that ms wanted to own the scalebound ip and Platinum weren't happy. "

Just for info ms do own the scalebound ip. They secured ownership of the ip when they funded the game at the beginning.

My thoughts on cancellation have always been that ms announced all games would suddenly be play anywhere. The deal to make scalebound was signed before this came into place. So my opinion is that ms wanted it to be play anywhere, platinum wanted more money to make this happen for the extra work. Maybe even compensations for potential lost revenue. Ms said no and cancelled it. Either that or platinum said no at the start as they didn't have the spare resources. But i suspect play anywhere is to be blame.

Imalwaysright2181d ago


Why would I look for something when I know that is factually incorrect from the get go? Maybe you should send your resume to vgchartz as they too are well versed in the art of pulling numbers right from their ass.

Razzer2181d ago

@notachance. Excellent point. Why do people act like MS hasn't been down this road with devs before?

What about Obsidian?

Stormlands and the million-man raid: Obsidian's cancelled Xbox One exclusive

"Clearly a lot of work had been done. What, then, went wrong? There was a disconnect, a juxtaposition between a dreaming Microsoft on one hand and an Obsidian who had to realise the ideas on the other. One moment Obsidian was talking to a Microsoft executive producer about doing co-op, the next minute a new executive producer was pitching million-man raids. "We look at something like that and it's like, 'Holy Jesus!'" says Urquhart."

And people wonder why Kamiya had to take leave? With crap like that coming down from MS.....I can't imagine the stress.

gangsta_red2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

What's hilarious is yes MS has had a history of bad relations with some devs (like any other big game publisher) the difference here is people can actually pull up proof of those dealings as devs have been vocal when they have had those bad dealings.

And yet there's nothing for Platinum, no breaking story, no horror story on what MS forced them to do, not one artlce from anyone detailing what went wrong. All we're doing is saying "it's MS's fault because they had a bad run in with Charlie's Pixel Shop years back too!"

That's why it's hilarious to see people soley blame MS because of some other past deal that went bad and then assume it went down exactly like that with Platinum.

Let's also ignore MS dealings with developers that actually went right too. But that would be too hard to do and wouldn't fit the narrative here.