XB360: Tony Hawk's Project 8 Preview

The Tony Hawk series has been extremely successful for Activision. However, over the years the series has changed and some fans would like things to revert back to the way they were with the first few Tony Hawk titles. Well, Activision is listening to your demands and the company will be releasing Tony Hawk's Project 8 for next generation consoles. took a quick look at the Xbox 360 version of Project 8, and Tony Hawk fans will have a lot to look forward to when the game ships later this year.

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DG6196d ago (Edited 6196d ago )

Thats the game American Wasteland should have been.

The grafics look off a little but they can fix that.

OutLaw6195d ago

It does seem like they are putting alot of effort into making this game. I'm not really a Tony Hawk fan But if I was I would definitely be looking forward to this game. Now if EA brings the Next Gen SSX. I would have alot to say.