XB360: Tony Hawk's Project 8 Preview

The Tony Hawk series has been extremely successful for Activision. However, over the years the series has changed and some fans would like things to revert back to the way they were with the first few Tony Hawk titles. Well, Activision is listening to your demands and the company will be releasing Tony Hawk's Project 8 for next generation consoles. Gamedaily.com took a quick look at the Xbox 360 version of Project 8, and Tony Hawk fans will have a lot to look forward to when the game ships later this year.

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DG6608d ago (Edited 6608d ago )

Thats the game American Wasteland should have been.

The grafics look off a little but they can fix that.

OutLaw6607d ago

It does seem like they are putting alot of effort into making this game. I'm not really a Tony Hawk fan But if I was I would definitely be looking forward to this game. Now if EA brings the Next Gen SSX. I would have alot to say.


Ranking The 9 Main Tony Hawk's Games From Worst To Best

Andrew says: "That’s not just glorified sensationalist video game journalism, it’s an indisputable fact that these games are some of the highest rated games of all-time. Did you know that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, on the PS1, stands at 98 on Metacritic? The best game of all-time is only one point above it. There’s your fact of the day."

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MasterChief36241517d ago

I was so sad when I saw number 1. But then I had the realization, and I definitely agree. Their number one is my number one. I think it perfected the classic formula without feeling too bloated, and all the levels were bops!

AndyHighton_YNWA1517d ago

Thought I'd throw a curveball in there haha. But yeah, I just think the levels for THPS3 were just unbelievable. :)

monochromer1517d ago

Did you, uh, forget that THPS5 existed? It was definitely a "main game".

MasterChief36241517d ago

@monochromer We would all like to forget that one ever existed.

gaffyh1517d ago

Pro Skater 2 I think was the one for me. I remember playing the demo for that level from OPM for hours until the full game released. Pause and hit retry before the timer ran out to find all the secrets!

sourOG1517d ago

Yeah I agree. That time in my life where I was in my first apartment and friends would come and it would always be running. People were all around doing different things but THPS2 was always on and someone was battling, sometimes on 2 different TVs. the soundtrack was great also so it was blasting. Good times, few worries.

chicken_in_the_corn1517d ago

Underground 1 will always be my favourite

The7Reaper1517d ago

Underground 1 was my favorite

Why is American Wasteland so low on the list? I personally like it better than all the Pro Skater games.

Chocoburger1517d ago

Its low on the list, because its a shit list. Putting the PS1 games before most of the PS2 games is laughable. Putting THUG 2 ahead of THUG 1 is ridiculous.

Chocoburger1517d ago

Straight up terrible list, filled with incorrect information. Not that I was expecting anything of value to begin with, nearly no one out there actually understands or appreciates the later excellent games in the series.


Why Activision should go back to Tony Hawk’s arcade roots with the new game

We know there’s a new Tony Hawk’s in the works, but it should feel like the oldest of entries to the series.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3801d ago

There's a new Tony Hawk game coming?

Cautiously optimistic. I want the series to end on a positive note but the last what like 6 entries have been severely disappointing. Hope this one ends the curse.

thorstein3801d ago

I hope they don't blow it. I really liked the earlier games in the series. Then Skate came out and the difference night and day.

UncleGermrod3801d ago

Ha, I was thinking the same thing when I read this. I had no idea there was one in the works...you usually here about these things.

Any ways, I haven't truly enjoyed a THPS title since the underground games back during the ps2/xbox/GC era. I hope if they make one, they try to use that same formula that made the first 6 games so fun.

OmegaShen3801d ago

They just need to make Tony Hawk Underground 3, anything else will be a waste.

DarkLord10033801d ago

I think the series went downhill when they had all the jackass characters in the game..

SoulSercher6203801d ago

Either make it like the THUG games or GTFO.

csreynolds3801d ago

I support this article. THPS2 - best Tony Hawk EVAH. The franchise needs to drop the gimmicks and get back to what matters - addictive, thrilling skateboarding.

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Long before he grew out his stache and became a lovable mainstream fixture as Earl Hickey on NBC’s hit sitcom, “My Name Is Earl,” Jason Lee fell in love with skateboarding. The former pro skater first got on a board at age 5. These days, the Southern California native spends more time in front of Hollywood cameras – he’s currently filming the second season of TNT’s “Memphis Beat” in New Orleans -- than on a skateboard. Gamers most recently saw and head Lee as Coach Frank in Electronic Arts’ SKATE 3 game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Lee talks about his TV series and his “old school” video game days, in this exclusive interview from the set of his show.

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zootang4775d ago

Memphis beat??? That's Earl to me.

Solid_Dave4775d ago

Jason Lee is a fantastic actor. I really hope he stars in some future movies, not just TV shows.

JellyJelly4775d ago

I agree. Before he goes batsh*t crazy. I've heard he's into scientology, which isn't a good sign.