Former Xbox boss Shane Kim named interim CEO at GameStop

Former Microsoft exec Shane Kim has taken the helm at GameStop as interim CEO while the retailer continues its search for a permanent replacement.

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Cheesetoenails138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Gamestop CEO's yell....abandon ship..Gamestop will be no more in the next 5 years. The store are filled more with trinkets than video games and accessories like it used to be. Consumers are more and more buying digitally or off other retailers since GS has done nothing but rip off the consumer when it comes to selling your stuff back. Karma!

shinoff2183136d ago

Just don't sell your stuff back. I like ganestop if only for the reason I can preorder something and pay like 5 bucks every week or every other week until it's paid off. Can you do that anywhere else? I'm seriously asking. If they go out of business I'll need a new spot. Other then that I order online when price drops happen

Cheesetoenails136d ago

I don't sell my stuff back and never did because of the crap % they gave even with the bonus cash back. I get they need to make money, but, really now, 30 bucks on a game that's a month old on trade in . Can u buy somewhere else?, Yes, You can pre-order most games on Amazon, they don't charge until it ships, you can put the 5 bucks away and make sure you have enough money when it releases.

shinoff2183136d ago

Great now all the gamestops will be multiplayer and digital.

forevercloud3000136d ago

People swear Gamestop is ripping them off but have no idea the economics of Video Games and have no idea what it takes to make it work.

1. Gamestop doesn't over charge for anything, they are selling it at distributor recommended pricing, MSRP. If Gamestop overcharged u would see $100 pop figures. As we all learned from Best Buy, blanketly discounting new video games can be a huge loss. Retailers only make about 5-6 off of a $60 game. So when BB was discounting them through membership they made $0 from them, because they thought they could use it as a Loss Leader of other products they do make profit on. They were mistaken because consumers have no loyalty anymore. They will turn on a company in a heartveat just to save pennies. It is an unsustainable marketing ploy that even Amazon will do away with eventually.

2. Know that Gamestop is not a Buyer, they are resellers. People think they should get $40 back on their $60 game....that is highly unsustainable in a business as large as GS. Gamestop cannot over/under pay you for trades. You don't have to sell to them. But most people do. Gamestop is the largest US distributor of games. When you are trading in that Madden 14, be assured that single store has seen hundreds of of copies of the same game. Company wide, they can have millions. All gamestops share product. The more people trade an item in the more it drives down the title's value. They will never SELL even half of what they buy. So their objective is to buy them in trade at a value at pace to how quickly they can sell them and still be profitable. When u see a mompop game store buy games for more it is because they will never have anywhere near as much product available to them. And if they did see even a fraction of amount of trades Gamestop does they would just turn you away. In essense, Gamestops trade program is a victim of it's own success.

CorndogBurglar136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Get ready for people's hate comments lol.

You are of course 100% right though.

The way I see it is that when I finish a game I rarely go back and play it again. So rather than have it sitting on my shelf I might as well go trade it in towards another game. The alternative is trying to sell it on eBay, which could take time. Why deal with that when I can just go 10 minutes up the road and do what I want to do with it now?

And if I do get an itch to go back and play a game again, it's usually a couple years later and I can get it for super cheap anyway.

But yeah. I have a feeling that the people that complain about the amount Gamestop pays for used games don't really understand how it works. These people need to ask themselves if it was their business, how much would THEY pay for a used game that they already have multiple copies of, most of which will never leave their store shelf again?

shinoff2183135d ago

Finally some level headed people

strayanalog136d ago

Shane Kim definitely has some insights for The Stop, which is probably why he's a board member, but this feels like a "Dutch Boy" moment where the outcome could actually go either way.

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