PlayStation Plus vs. Games With Gold – Which Is Better? June 2018 Edition

"June is almost here and now that both Microsoft and Sony have announced their free games lineup for the month via Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus it’s time to look at which is offering the better value for gamers."

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Prettygoodgamer142d ago

This month it's like saying chocolate vs poo which tastes better.....

Orionsangel142d ago

Both garbage! Glad I haven't renewed either. Maybe next month.

paintedgamer1984142d ago

Playstation 💩 all over the competition as usual 🤗

142d ago
EmperorDalek141d ago

The upvotes shows both the bias, and age range of most users on this website (Hint - 12 year olds.)

The_Jackel141d ago

your comment shows your age too.

TGGJustin141d ago

I mean in what world is XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion not better than a 2D Assassin's Creed and a DLC pack for a free to play game? Sorry but there really is no room for bias at all. One is undeniably better than the other.

kneon141d ago

I don't have an xbox but I prefer what Microsoft is offering this month.

gamer7804141d ago

LOL, this is totally subjective, but sure.

manabyte77141d ago

The bias was earned by MS and is well deserved.

gamer7804141d ago

xbox by a hair, only because of sonic racing and be default kart racers are fun.

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