Our Take on Devil May Cry 5, Nintendo’s E3 and Shadows Die Twice Rumors

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Oh jeez are the rumors coming in fast and furious now, so fast actually that we had to revisit this article a couple of times already as things we were ready to report as rumors were confirmed to be true before we could publish. Such is the nature of the gaming industry a few weeks from E3 I suppose, but even though those rumors didn’t pan out we still have a lot to discuss this week. And in a special edition of LC Rumors – every single one of these rumors is about a purported ‘leak’ of information that reveals a new game (or games) or just more details on an announced title."

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139d ago
ZombieKiller138d ago

Lol I love how the article talks about the Devil may Cry series returning to it's roots, yet shows a pic of Dunteh instead of the real character! Can't wait to see what they do with this game. There were talks last year of a trailer being ready but it was delayed. Hope to see The REAL Dante return at E3 2018!

bananacrust138d ago

Im in in the camp that this "shadows die twice" is related to Tenchu