Games of E3 2018: Ghost of Tsushima

"Games of E3 2018 is the latest mini-series that focuses on upcoming games that are confirmed and also NOT confirmed, but highly speculated. Today I want to talk about Ghost of Tsushima. From its story to its beautiful setting. Let’s jump in!" -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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IamTylerDurden1232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I'm so excited to see gameplay of Tsushima. For some reason it isn't quite as hyped as other big games, but the sneak peak we've seen thus far looks unreal. Second Son was one of the best looking games of its time, but much of it was built on a dev kit. So i can only imagine how great Ghost of Tsushima will look 4 years later with a full PS4 development cycle.

I truly believe this is Sucker Punch's coming out party much in the vein of Guerrilla Games with HZD.

Rimeskeem232d ago

I assume the reason for the low hype is because of Spiderman coming out soon. I assume Tsushima might be a next summer kind of deal + it is sucker punch (a known dev). Sony understands how to hype games (as they have shown with GoW, Horizon, Spiderman, and Uncharted. I am sure after this showing Tsushima will be on the large screen. Also, I assume more will be shown at PGS and PSX so I think the game will speak for itself in time.

Obscure_Observer232d ago

This game is gonna be what Onimusha fans has been asking for years. The only thing, it´s gonna be bigger and better!

NecrumOddBoy232d ago

I really see this as what I've always dreamed The Way of the Samurai could be. I'm not 100% sure where in the fantasy world this is going to jump into, but it does seem pretty grounded. Stories like Kenshin and old Akira Kurosawa films about those wandering Samurai just pump me up. I'm really excited to see what this is all about.

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UCForce232d ago

Man, this is my most anticipated game.

I_am_Batman232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

For me this comes right after Death Stranding on the most anticipated game list (Death Stranding might be my most anticipated game of all time). Sucker Punch is one of my favorite game dev-teams in the industry and Infamous is one of my favorite franchises so naturally I'm insanely hyped for their next game. The Ghost of Tsushima trailer was so good that it only raised my anticipation. Another game I'm really looking forward to seeing more of is Shadows die twice. Since we're getting more info (and probably gameplay) on all three of these titles I'm sure this E3 will be great.

GaboonViper232d ago

This game is gonna be epic.

Hardiman232d ago

I can't wait to explore the island! Just imagine bamboo forests swaying in the wind or the amazing architecture that'll be on display!