Vita 2 Probably Won’t Happen, But Don’t Write Off Sony and Portable Gaming

Twinfinite writes that, while a portable release such as a PlayStation Vita 2 is unlikely, Sony does not appear to have lost their portable gaming spirit entirely. With recent comments from John Kodera and his past at the company, Twinfinite says that something portable could be coming sooner than you think, but it'd have to come with the PlayStation 5.

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darthv72138d ago

I got a feeling Sony may make the PS5 a hybrid and really show Nintendo how it's done.

Sgt_Slaughter138d ago

That would be a very expensive console if they made it powerful, 1080p screen, and somehow have a good battery. I don't think we want to hear "599 US DOLLARS" at E3 again.

darthv72138d ago

They would be able to save some $$ by not having a physical drive. That also cuts the size down and can improve overall power efficiency and cooling. M2 SSD technology has also come down in price so it could be outfitted with a pretty sizeable internal storage for games/apps.

Outside_ofthe_Box138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

"They would be able to save some $$ by not having a physical drive."

Really? lmao What makes you think that this is even an actual possibility?

You're making suggestions and 'feelings' that just doesn't make sense for Sony to do.

darthv72138d ago

Outside... you have to think outside the box. We are so predicated on the idea that you HAVE to have physical medium in order for the system to work. Sony has shown that this gen the disc was nothing more than one way to install a game. no actual media is used to play the game so why have it? If people want to say its because not everyone has good internet well then let that be a factor but as things have been going... internet is making inroads into much more areas than it has ever before.

People had their feelings towards all digital prior to this gen and yet many have changed their tune after having been part of this gen. the days of physical are numbered and Sony has been so bold as to say people arent into buying discs for movies so you figure they might be onto something about their games as well. The quality of the end product is not bound by the type of media it is on so maybe its finally time to just ditch the media all together?

I'd be willing to bet good $$ there are more users who have been buying games digitally vs physical since this gen began. Physical is more for the collector where as digital is for the player who just wants to play.

TFJWM138d ago

PS5 stand alone console. Portable device that can play PS4 games and stream the PS5.

Outside_ofthe_Box138d ago


It's all about having the option to get it physically if you want it. Gaming isn't at the point where movies are. For movies, streaming is FAR more convenient and cheaper for the consumer than getting it on disc. So you bringing up lack of a 4K blu-ray drive doesn't fly.

Omitting a physical drive would be bad idea just as it was for MS to have 24hr check in for XB1 in the initial reveal. Why would Sony attempt to repeat a mistake done by their rival? Doesn't make sense.

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Outside_ofthe_Box138d ago

" got a feeling Sony may make the PS5 a hybrid"

Impossible unless it's going to be weaker than the X, which the vast majority wouldn't want.

No way will Sony sacrifice power to make a hybrid. Like I've said in the past, the closest I see them doing a hybrid is by including a cheap streaming only device with a traditional PS5 system.

They could just make Vita 2 their true hybrid if they want to compete with Switch and be competitive in Japan and leave PS5 alone.

darthv72138d ago

given the situation with the quality of their games for PS4.... I really don't think it has to be more powerful than an X. They have shown that power (in the right dev hands) does not detract from delivering a quality product.

xX-oldboy-Xx138d ago

darth72 - Sony always for power and utilising the latest tech in their consoles. Doing so, and with the quality of their 1st party - will show a greater divide between them and the competition.

They'll humiliate MS next gen just like they did this gen.

Outside_ofthe_Box138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

"They have shown that power (in the right dev hands) does not detract from delivering a quality product"

1. Switch has already shown this, but this brings me to point 2...
2. While you are correct for 1st parties, how about 3rd party devs that want to utilize more power for their more ambitious projects? Make a weak console, all of a sudden Sony has solved it's biggest rival's biggest issue in exclusives as they will be getting them by default. Games that would otherwise be multiplat aren't anymore because Sony made a hybrid console instead of a traditional one.

Again it won't make sense from a business perspective for Sony to even think about doing this for the PS5.

porkChop138d ago

Nintendo released the Switch with the best hardware that was available for manufacturing at the time. So they don't need Sony to show them how it's done, they already did it.

And PS5 is not going to be a hybrid. Mobile hardware isn't available yet to even match the PS4, so how are they magically going to release a next gen system that's faster than XB1 X and a fraction of the size, with a battery that lasts more than 5 minutes?

You don't understand how hardware works.

darthv72138d ago

correction, nintendo used the most "cost effective" hardware, not "the best". Sony has a much better chance of creating a full on portable PS4 experience than many think. the battery issue is also able to be addressed by way of eliminating certain features. Namely any sort of physical drive. Power consumption is based on several factors such as screen brightness, cooling (if there is any) as well as internal component like wifi and or some sort of mobile radio (4g/5g). you also have the ability to throttle the performance between plugged in (docked) and mobile.

If you think it cant be done then you need to open you mind to possibilities in newer more energy efficient LED and chip technologies that Sony is privy to. Vita may have had some missed opportunities but that is because Sony held back on what they wanted to create in terms of a NGP. Seeing nintendo take that one step further may have inspired them to rethink things and build a better hybrid.

This is Sony we are talking about. They are a hardware company who can make it work. Price could be a factor but they can figure that out. I understand the disagrees but 'when' (not if) they make it happen then at least know that someone believed it was possible.

Kumakai138d ago

that would pretty much be impossible unless the hardware was significantly less powerful than the ps4, which i'm pretty sure people won't want. don't forget it was the One X that got all the ps5 conversation kicked into overdrive and the launch of gen 8 consoles was all about who could push more pixels on screen (resolution gate, anyone?) so power obviously matters. There wouldn't be a realistic battery that could even support a ps4 power level portable for more than 20 min and not costing a small fortune.. and also Nintendo has the portable market cornered and always has. no portable has ever been able to match or beat Nintendo.. and quite frankly the PS4's user base is more adult and adult themed than Nintendo. That means portability matters less than large, dazzling high performance games... Like HZD, Detroit: Become Human, Spiderman and so on. Portables can't do that and Sony's base doesn't want it. If they did, the Vita would have been more successful and thus more supported... but it wasn't so Sony made it a low priority.

darthv72138d ago

not impossible, just more efficient. What you see on screen is not just the work of the hardware but the creative teams that are able to make the hardware display things never thought possible. God of War on a base PS4 is still miles better than anything the X has to offer. And that is on hardware that is basically 5 years old... so yeah it is possible for more efficient hardware to be made into a hybrid and do what Switch does only better.

JackBNimble138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I doubt most Psfans would even want a hybrid and Sony knows that. Besides Sony doesn't need to follow Nintendo's lead, they are successful enough doing their own thing.

darthv72138d ago

I get what you are saying but they did follow Nintendo into console gaming as well as handheld gaming and while they had better success in one vs the other that isnt to say they couldnt use their strength of one to be successful in the other via one single setup.

If Sony said tomorrow that this is happening, most PS fans would be on board because they know Sony delivers quality. some would be cautiously optimistic and other skeptical but it would be up to Sony to address those fears.

IamTylerDurden1138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Seems like Sony is building the PS5 along with a new iteration of PSVR, not a handheld.

darthv72138d ago

Just imagine if the new VR is wireless. Then they could build support for it into the dock.

Prince_TFK138d ago

I’d rather not want them to do that. Make the PS5 a full fledged 4K console. Leave the hybrid thing to their portable line, if they ever decide to make another one at all.

SSj4Yagami137d ago

That'd be foolish; not releasing a hybrid, but naming it PS5.

DefaultComment137d ago

That's comment is just as serious and relevant as a son lecturing his own father on how to make babies.

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madhouse02138d ago

I doubt Sony will move from its current place in the market. It's doing too well as is... no need to try something crazy that's outside their wheelhouse and could end in failure.

Araragifeels 138d ago

They probably do a portable either as an accessory or as is own Platform but still part of the main console ecosystem like the PSVR.

tehpees3138d ago

They could have been doing TWICE as well if they turned Vita into the success Switch became. There is nothing more foolish than ignoring market opportunities to cater to a small group that want every game on a single system.

If Sony had handled it right I guarantee there would have been way more Vita owners than people asking them to make PS4 games only. The market wants choice.

SSj4Yagami137d ago

All business comes with the possibility of failure, and trying again wouldn't be crazy. In fact, it'd be crazier not to, and just let Nintendo make all the money there.

paintedgamer1984138d ago

What im hearing is the dual shock 5 can come apart and double as vr controllers to get vr saturation on ps a much more viable option for consumers instead psvr where you have to spend 100s of more $$ just to get started. Psvr is supposed to be already "baked" into the ps5 and if theres any validity to these claims, sony may or may not make an add on or perrephial like the switch screen to be connected between them. Prob around ps4 level grapics. Theres def a market for ppl who would like the play gen 8 ps4 games on the go.

Outside_ofthe_Box138d ago

They should pack the 5 with VR in it.

VR going forward should be apart of the system not separate imo.

rainslacker137d ago

I think that would be prohibitively expensive for next gen, unless the cost of the display tech goes down drastically. I think Sony will still try to meet a price point, and they'll want to have a reasonably powered system.

There is merit to them building VR functionality into the system though in other the controller, and an included camera is a very real possibility, as its something they wanted for the PS4 but felt a price point was more important.

PhoenixUp138d ago

After Vita sold less than 20 million, one wonders if Sony would make another handheld especially after they dropped first party support prematurely on their last one

SSj4Yagami137d ago

Nintendo Wii U sold roughly the same amount and they made another system, and 3DS underperformed compared to its predecessor too. Sony would be dumb to pass up a chance to make money.

PhoenixUp137d ago

Cuz consoles are Nintendo’s flagship product while handhelds are secondary for Sony. Consoles are more important to Nintendo than handhelds are to Sony.

3DS sold over 77 million in an era of smartphones and tablets. That’s not underperfoming in any way, especially in this climate. Selling less than a predecessor doesn’t mean a platform underperformed when it’s still one of the highest selling systems of its respective generation such as the case with SNES, GBA & PS3. So trying to compare 3DS sales to Vita sales is ridiculous.

What would even be the selling point for another Sony handheld? The biggest selling points for PSP & Vita were their ability to offer console on the go experiences and a slew of multimedia features, and those are offered now by NS and plenty of mobile devices so it’s no longer a novel concept. Let’s also not forget Sony pulled first party support on Vita after a couple of years

GNCFLYER138d ago

No hybrids please. That would be such a disappointment for me anyway. I would buy a Vita 2 on launch.

SSj4Yagami137d ago

Naming it "Vita 2" would be the real disappointment, damning it before it releases due to the negative connotation the name has. PSP still has strength in the name, call it PSP2, or something new if necessary.

Akarogg 137d ago

Why. That would only be a plus, it would still be handheld

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