PUBG Devs Sued Fortnite Developers - Do they have a leg to stand on?

If reports are to be trusted, it’s claimed in PUBG Corporation’s suit that Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, infringed on PUBG’s copyright. At a single glance, you can easily see that both titles look like completely different games from each other, albeit with similar User Interfaces.

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corroios140d ago

No. What they should be doing with all the millions the got from an early acess game is improving everything....

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Hungryalpaca138d ago

They should have paired with epic. Get epic devs to help on the back end then they’d have a tactical more realist BR and Fortnite. But nope. Blue hole is greedy.

iofhua138d ago

It's like Doomguy suing Duke Nukem.

How dare someone else come up with the idea for a FPS shooter?

milohighclub138d ago

They didn't even come up with it. It was done before pubg

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