"They looked like monsters to you?" 'Silent Hill 3' Turns 15

In Konami’s Silent Hill 3, gamers got what some fans feel was “the last good Silent Hill game”. But at the same time, it’s also often the one that’s overlooked. Just how do you top what many consider one of the best (if not the best) Survival Horror games ever in Silent Hill 2?

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chrisx140d ago

great game. was crazy finding out she was the guy in part one's daughter.

UltraNova140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

The last good SH game? F*** that, SH The Room was frickin awesome!

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Vanfernal140d ago

The Room was way ahead of its time. Actually when PT was released that's the game it reminded me about the most.

Vanfernal140d ago

I wish they would release the Silent Hill PS2 games on PS4. It's sad that the only definitive way to play those games is still booting up a PS2.

JonTheGod139d ago

Or the PS3 HD Collection.

Vanfernal139d ago

Sadly the PS3 collection is infamously bad for its bugs, bad programming and bland lighting. It's baffling they could do such a bad job porting that game.

Donnie81139d ago

Great game! I have enjoyed all the silent hill games. I origins on psp was fantastic. I even liked homecoming and downpour.

JonTheGod139d ago

I have Downpour sat unplayed in my backlog. Any good?

The_Sage139d ago

It is good. You should give it a go.