Ubisoft reveals how For Honor has thrived as a live service

Ubisoft has done a better job than a lot of other publishers when it comes to melding the new live-services model with big-budget games.

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Goldby1079d ago

They still need to implement some sort of Honor system or sportsmanship system.

Too many times I was in a 1v1 on dominion only to have 2 other enemies show up and triple team me.

In brawls its just as bad.

Eiyuuou1078d ago

You've probably heard this a thousand times by now but...

if you want 1v1, please play duels. That's why the mode is there.

(I do dislike deathballs though)

Goldby1078d ago

i understand, and yes i should and do play duels. but theres sometimes when im say defending A and one of the enemy shows up, bows to me and we begin a duel. as far as im concerned if both people acknowledge through emotes its a duel, than it should sty a duel. i only jump in to help allies when they are getting double teamed.

Eiyuuou1078d ago

The thing is, you can't force such a mentality upon your teammates, not to mention that bowing doesn't have the same meaning to everyone. Personally, I'm willing to comply to that behavior in brawl matches, but 4v4 modes are all-out war. People will play to win, so I would change your mindset if I were you.

I was once like that as well. And I got frustrated when people bothered me during 1v1's. But then I realised that I was merely being unreasonable for expecting that my teammates and opponents follow my made up rules.

AnubisG1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

You get more points if you kill 3 people by yourself. You get less points if three of you kill one.

So there is a system. But I would highly suggest duels for you than.

Dominion is a team game. If I'm there with my team we will work together and if you run into us you will be takendown by the four of us working together.

Gazondaily1079d ago

Respect to the devs for getting dedicated servers in there and really listening to the community