What Real Fans Want with a Resident Evil 2 Remake

When the remake of Resident Evil 2 was announced, Capcom stated they would listen to the fans. Real fans of the franchise played from the PS1 days with fixed camera angles, limited ammo and inventory management. Players would explore large areas and solve puzzles to unlock doors that would all play a part in a story that was actually intriguing. Throw some zombies and B.O.W.s in there and you have a franchise like no other. That is, until 2004 when things changed.

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Hardiman193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I got RE, the Directors Cut and RE2 all day one and I'm not hung up on the camera angle! If it's fixed I'm fine. If it's over the shoulder I'm fine. I just want the game to have the atmosphere, settings(new and expanded) and characters.

I loved the first two, Code Veronica, The Remakes, RE4(I actually liked RE4 better than 3) and RE7 and just want to play this game!

Even though I got all the games day one I think it's silly to get hung up on "real" fans and things of that nature! We're all fans and that's how things we love live on because new fans come along and keep it alive!

GamesMaster1982193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I agree thre are more fans of Resi that haven’t even played the originals . But they into the series. But as a long time fan I hope the remake caters for all new and old and I’ll I’ll be happy . Over the shoulder or classic aim, free roam cam or fixed cam stuff like that is great . But if it is our shoulder aim only , then please have very limited ammo to make it more survival horror as Resi should be . Don’t get me wrong playing Resi 7 on madhouse difficult was a blast a true survival gem . Unlike how 4 yes 4 went it was an amazing game until after the village then it went balls to the wall shooter like 5 and 6. Hell even revelations 1 and 2 did just not feel right either, even though they were great games that over shoulder did not do the justice at all

Hardiman192d ago

Yeah whether it's fixed 3rd person or over the shoulder it needs to keep as much of the original in tact as possible. Limited ammo etc and they can flesh it out with new areas and enemies just keep what made RE2 ,RE2.

I'm hopeful it'll be similar to the RE Remake, which took the original and made it even better imo.

ocelot07193d ago

I don't want Resident Evil 2 Remake to be like 4. I don't want a action game I want a good old survival horror with tank controls and fixed cameras and limited ammo.

Evilryusam193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

amen brother!

shinoff2183192d ago

I agree the old ones were great, the new ones eh

SprigganN4G193d ago

I would like the same Original RE2 atmosphere but with the RE Engine and first person. Strong Zombies, low bullets and very scary.

Nacho_Z192d ago

Same here, I'd like basically an exact copy but with updated graphics obviously and first person, which worked great in RE7.

shinoff2183190d ago

First person would kill this project. Keep it old scoop with updated graphics please

Derceto193d ago

So long as it's not an over-scripted pile of trash like RE7, where enemies only take damage when they aren't scripted to be invincible? Then I'll be fine with RE 2 Remake.

Still prefer 3rd person however, as RE 2 has long known characters in Leon and Claire. Has to be 3rd person.

The_Sage192d ago

I am a "real fan". I loved the first 3 game. RE 4 was a great game, but the atmosphere was a little different. After that, I didn't really care for the sequels, until 7. I thought that game was great.

If you ask me, remake 1 and 2 using the new engine, and give me the option for first our third camera.

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