Street Fighter Was Almost on the NES but the Project Was Cancelled

Street Fighter is about as big as it gets in the fighting game world, and the recently released Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection has made it possible to play every single mainline title prior to the series' fourth entry on your Switch. Amazingly, though, information has surfaced revealing that Street Fighter was once in development for the NES, before being ultimately cancelled.

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chris235235d ago

thanks for the trip down memory lane ;-)

gangsta_red235d ago

There was already a Street Fighter for the NES and it was glorious. It featured Ken and it was the final fight!


Segata235d ago

Actually, it's Kevin. Capcom USA changed it to Ken. Wasn't even supposed to be a SF game.

Segata235d ago

Let's face it. All home versions were terrible of an already bad game. Fighting Street was arcade close but that's not such a great thing either lol. One of those things that had to suck in order to give us the legendary SFII.