GamesRadar: Dropcast Review

GamesRadar writes: "All right, everyone say hello to Ingrid. Now, just make sure you don't make her mad, befriend her, or develop any rapport with this crazy little freakshow in any way. Seriously, her parents should put some fear into her, or at least look into some psychiatric help – something, anything. This girl seems cute and innocent enough, but she's a twisted, madcap loon underneath. Due to lack of any friends all she has to fulfill her need for social interaction and control is a collection of hideous Frankensteinian stuffed animals. Once these somehow semi-cute, cotton-filled critters are animated, they are pitted against each other in battles of spell-conjuring, grid fighting puzzle combat and… fun? This is the world of DropCast."

You'll love

* Gameplay options
* The cutesy critters
* Easy to pick up and play

You'll hate

* Unforgiving computer difficulty
* Rewards random screen tapping
* Silly and unnecessary story

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