Obsidian Devs Not Involved In The Mysterious Tease of New Fallout

The team responsible for Fallout New Vegas has intervened on Twitter to clarify that it is not absolutely involved in the development of the New Fallout game, Obsidian is not collaborating with Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios to create a new Fallout.

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-Foxtrot145d ago

Shame but you never know they might have gotten another studio to do a new game or they could even be lying, who knows. I would have said the main Bethesda studio lead by Todd Howard but announcing a game only 3 years after directing Fallout 4 along with the fact they only usually reveal a game when it's coming the same year, I can't see that. Seems they spend a bit long on their games now so they would have had to get another studio to make the game.

narsaku145d ago

With Todd's feelings being hurt over NV being more beloved than FO3, I suspect Obsidian will never be making a FO game again.

Magnetar145d ago

It’s rumored to be Bethesda Maryland and Bethesda Austin (battlecry studios) working on it. It’s also rumored to be a dayz type online game with a story.