Is Sony Undermining Their own E3 Conference

On this episode of the Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about the end of the PlayStation 4 cycle. Did Sony, make a mistake by announcing that the end of the PlayStation 4's life cycle is near? Is Sony, undermining their own E3, by telling everyone what to expect before the show even starts? Lastly, should gamers be concerned for PSVR?

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Nyxus236d ago

I think people are blowing Kodera's comments way out of proportion. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that PS4 is entering the final stage of its life cycle. Also, Sony's E3 will be fine, they have some of the most anticipated games out there, and we'll be seeing gameplay for them for the first time.

isarai236d ago

For Real!

I mean 4 years in who thought we were still in the begining phase? sure we are currently expriencing the middle phase on the front end, but behind the scenes planning and production is being done with wrapping it up on PS4 in mind and preparing for a new system as any work started now isn't going to be seen for years, which by then Ps5 will either be out or announced. So yeah, internally it's getting to the ending phase, but we're not going to see that result till years later

Lightning Mr Bubbles236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

People will see the best games on PS4 this E3. I don't think it matters if they're surprises or not.

indysurfn235d ago

I will not get mad of Sony does announce PS5 at E3. Of course I will not get made if they don't either.

GaboonViper236d ago

All i know is LOU2 gameplay = me in gaming heaven.

emiyaxtousaka236d ago

I still think the PS4 will be around for another 3 years

firelogic236d ago

it'll be around a lot longer. 3 years until PS5 is out.

Ceaser9857361236d ago

PS 5 will be out by 2020 , Sony is flushing out all their Exclusives by next year, Death stranding could get pushed to 2020 and release on both PS4 and PS5
It will be interesting to see what Sony shows during E3 2019

EverydayGuy236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

It will still be supported a couple years into the PS5 life cycle. Just like its previous generations. What's more interesting is possibly a new handheld system. I wouldn't mind a tablet like handheld like the switch with 3rd party memory support.

TheOttomatic91236d ago

I'm honestly worried after PSX 2017, Sony knows that their games speak for themselves so they might not bother to create a spectacle like 2016 and 2015

DemonChicken236d ago

PSX 2017 was not even a conference/media show case.

They made it clear when they announced PSX, people went in with high expectations thinking it's going to be a conference with loads of announcements. Adding to the fact that they also had E3, TGS and PGW.

Ceaser9857361236d ago

Sony revealed a lot during Paris games week hence they kept the Psx 2017 a developers and gamers talk show sort off to learn in depth knowledge about the games they are working on

DialgaMarine236d ago

Not really. The games they’re showing off speak for themselves.

TomatoDragon236d ago

If you think there are only 4 games there...(facepalm)

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