XB360: Alone in the Dark Impressions

The Alone in the Dark series has been quite for some time now. As one of the first survival horror titles and a game that many argue created the genre, a next generation Alone in the Dark seems fitting. At the very least, Atari thinks it's about time to revive the series, and at E3 2006 the company showed off a brief demo of the upcoming Alone in the Dark game for the Xbox 360.

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PS360PCROCKS5102d ago

Hmm this will be creepy...these kind of games are fun cause they keep you on edge

Grown Folks Talk5102d ago

i hope it brings me the feel i had with silent hill on ps1. always liked that better than the resident evils. more mental and crazy instead of the standard horror movie monster fare.

schnodder5102d ago

silent hill > resident evil

FamoAmo5102d ago

Condemned Kicked [email protected]@. That game scared the crap out of me.. It was so intense and movie like it was sweet. If this game is anything like that I am sold!! Keep em coming!

The Real Deal5101d ago

I just finally beat condemed. That game is too scary. lol...I loved it though. I played it at night with the lights out and surround sound on full blast. I jumped more than once. Its a game my girlfriend liked watching me play. For her it was like watching a scary movie...She would be yelling at me to "RUN" "HIT HIM" "HIT HIM AGAIN HE's NOT DEAD" big fun...