Is now the time to start playing World of Tanks on Xbox One?

Carlos writes: "Whether you’re a keen gamer, or just someone who likes to dabble in a friendly game of Candy Crush now and again, chances are you’ve probably heard of the mighty titan that is World of Tanks. After originally arriving way back in 2010 on PC, it finally found its way over to Xbox 360 in 2014, the Xbox One in 2015, along with mobile and PlayStation later on. Whilst we’ve had three years to get stuck into the experience on Xbox One however, things have been constantly evolving for the eSports phenomenon and recent times have seen the game take the final steps towards reaching update 1.0. So, with that in mind, I took a look to see just how far World of Tanks has come and if you should be getting involved in some tank-based warfare."

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Edward75233d ago

This game is what I pay to break up FFXIV and, more recently God of War. It does have a steep curve to be good, knowing where to hit tanks, as and where to go on the many maps makes this game DEEP.

Lots of fun with friends... enjoy it!