Detroit: Become Human becomes the [7th Week that a] PlayStation exclusive [is] No. 1 this year

There are three new entries in the Top 3 this week, led by Sony’s ‘Detroit: Become Human’ which is the 10th different PlayStation exclusive title to reach No1 so far this year.  Microsoft’s new format exclusive ‘State of Decay 2’ has to settle for a debut at No2, while ‘Dark Souls Remastered’ enters at No3.


Admin note: So, after reviewing the weekly sales, updated the title to reflect the actuality of the stat. There haven't been 10 individual exclusives to hit #1, but 10 weeks where a PS exclusive was the #1 seller.

Addendum: After actually counting, it's only 7 weeks...

bouzebbal1832d ago

hardwork pays off, it seems like!

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The Wood1832d ago

Whoosh. . . . Over peoples heads. . . But then again. . Some people really haven't played gow yet. . . Yeah. . I know, weird

Highlife1832d ago

If you have to explain the joke you failed. And they are just disagrees you'll live.

Brave_Losers_Unite1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )


Calling people morons because they may not remember a certain section of a game or played the game? Also having to explain a joke that failed completely... cringe

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-Foxtrot1832d ago

It's not even a joke...jeez

It's just a quote

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BehindTheRows1832d ago

You calling people 'morons' doesn't help you look any better. Consider, like them, that you made an error in the message. Nothing to get so defensive over.

OT: Loving the game and am very happy to see it succeed!

-Foxtrot1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Try to have some light hearted fun...p*** people off as they get offended

N4G in a nutshell

" I just wanted to put a random quote in here that's all, there's no joke behind it!" cringe"

Despite the fact that's the EXACT same thing AspiringProGenji has done...riiiiiiight.

Skankinruby1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

'Try to have some light hearted fun...p*** people off as they get offended'
And then when you call these idiots out for their own stupidity the comment police on this stupid site will suspend you......

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Ricegum1832d ago

No need to call people morons if they don't get your quote buddy.

Link2DaFutcha1832d ago

Hahaha, just got through that part in GoW, wish there was a "smack atreus upside the head" button.

BadElf1832d ago

LOL at all the "cringe" comments to you. WHy are they so offended?

Realms1832d ago

Or some people got the joke and thought is was dumb and disagreed, but sure they are idiots for disagreeing with you. SMH

Knushwood Butt1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Thing is there are many more Atreus quotes that would have been:

1) Easily recognized
2) Funny

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1832d ago

It's especially sweet to see Detroit have success. After beating the game, I can see just how well it was done and how much work went into the game, it's easily Quantic Dream's best game in my opinion.

It's probably too early for this but this is the first Quantic Dream game I would like a sequel to, it's just one of the most engaging and memorial games I've played in a while.

ArchangelMike1832d ago

I would love a sequel, but with just Connor, he had by far the best gameplay.

I robot comes to mind as a possible type of storyline, with a 'deviant' android trying to evade capture and being framed etc etc. But yeah there's lots of potential for the story to be developed further.

Only thing is, Quantic Dream don't do sequels.

MuddyWaters1832d ago

I have yet to play it but it does look like their best work. I'm happy to see Sony have confidence in them to do games they want to do.

AmUnRa1832d ago

Skankin... Calling people serious idiots tells a lot about you.....just like Foxtrot calling people morons..if it was a joke he could have to to just end his post with a emo😋

ArchangelMike1832d ago

Well for starters it says that the risks that Sony is willing to take is paying off, and that the investment and freedom they give their developers is invaluable. And also that whatever the games media think of David Cage and his work, the playstation fans obvious still love his work, and Detroit is his best by far.

DarkVoyager1832d ago

“Detroit: Become Human becomes the 10th PlayStation exclusive to hit No.1 this year“

Amazing. Can’t wait to play the game myself. Also super excited for Spider-Man!

gamer78041832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

says that "if you're not first, you're last!". 2nd place is terrible for a budget game that released at 29.99... /s

Of course playstation is doing very well in the exclusive dept, that doesn't mean that state of decay isn't doing really well.

DJStotty1832d ago

That State of Decay isnt doing too bad either

trooper_1832d ago

Did I miss something? Who mentioned State of Decay?

Kribwalker1832d ago


“Microsoft’s new format exclusive ‘State of Decay 2’ has to settle for a debut at No2, while ‘Dark Souls Remastered’ enters at No3.”

right there in the summary

DJStotty1832d ago


The article? or did you not read it and just saw become human number 1 and become damp.

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AspiringProGenji1832d ago

Because it is a new game. I bet It is gonna drop hard just like SoT did.

Kribwalker1832d ago

SOT was the 3rd best selling game of the month, stayed in the top 10 all of april, and just recently left the top 20, after 2 months on the market, with it being given away with gamepass as well. That’s hardly dropping hard, Where has Ni no kuni 2 been this whole time?

Trez12341832d ago

[email protected] Ni nu kuni 2 ( and 1)unlike Sot doesnt rely on one or two territories. persona 5, nier automata or even games like Naruto etc...don't light the Uk or Npd charts but they end up selling more worldwide.

I'm not saying it sold more than Sot but bragging about the result of one or 2 territories especially if those results aren't groundbreaking is nonesense because one console relies on fewer markets than the other. why you think Microsoft is rushing in the PC market and Sony is taking it's time?.

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mandingo1832d ago

1. Nothing else is out
2. Sony usually makes good games

Although this game is average to be fair

1832d ago
mandingo1831d ago

Yea sea of thieves and state of decay are pretty bad. All the games on that list have been are for quite a while minus god of war and state of decay. Why would Detroit not be at the top of the list?

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italiangamer1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

6th consecutive week with a PlayStation exclusive on top, bravo Sony. Spiderman will shatter records for sure in September.

SpringHeeledJack1832d ago

I'm not surprised. Been watching this on twitch and a lot of big streamers are loving this game. It really is a great story. Those troll reviews giving it 4/10 were clearly just looking for clicks.

1832d ago
SuperSaiyanGod411832d ago

I gotta agree, the way this game tells it's story of the 3 Android's and brings everything all together was a genius way of telling a story plus there are many endings that left u thinking how superb a job they did with this game. Besides the clunkiness controls I had and a few areas I would have love to explore more the game graphics are simply mind boggling mixed with a beautiful story. I gave it a 9.2 out of 10 simply for the game it was meant to be which it did a very good job on and deducted points off the clunky controls which if there was better gameplay I could see this game having many 10's across the board.

Even crapgamer gave it a 9 out of 10 and said he was going to play it multiple times because of the great story and different outcomes.

UCForce1832d ago

Well done, Sony and QD ! Another win for PS4.

DJStotty1831d ago

what did they win? just curious?

UCForce1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Well, it’s about competition which company deliver better exclusive. Was it Sony or MS ? Of course it is Sony. Well, they are not perfect for sure. But Sony keep their momentum up and up. I can’t say the same thing to MS.

DJStotty1830d ago

From a fans perspective I agree, from a company's perspective as long as they make profit, they aren't really too fussed if they come top or second

TheOttomatic911832d ago

Bravo to Sony and Bravo to everyone who bought these fantastic games, show publishers we still love SP games 👍

outsider16241832d ago

I second that. Shout out to all those who showed their support to these games.