Nintendo Classic Consoles Replacing the Virtual Console

Nintendo Classic Consoles Replacing the Virtual Console - Instead of taking the traditional approach, Nintendo is releasing a line of classic consoles which are replacing their fabled Virtual Console which began 12 years ago on the Nintendo Wii.

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FallenAngel19842186d ago

Classic editions can’t replace Virtual Console. There aren’t plenty of games on the service that aren’t being offered on these microconsoles.

I see them more as an alternative than a full on replacement.

emiyaxtousaka2186d ago

I still I have my vc on my Wii U..,and mostly due to chronner trigger.

Nintendo needs to figure this out imo

Gaming_1st2186d ago

Just get a raspberry PI and instal retro pie and have all the games from all consoles up to N64. Cost about 100 bucks.

porkChop2186d ago

I'm surprised none of the mini/flashback consoles have an online store where you can buy more games for like $5 or something.

franwex2186d ago

Seriously. Adding the cost of some memory and a WiFi to the console shouldn’t be that much. Specially if they can download games.

Goldenarmz2186d ago

That would be great, and since most games are really small they can just make it where you can put an SD card to install the games to. and you can switch em in n out. Or Nintendo make their own all in 1 console that offers Games from NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube.

1-pwnsause-12186d ago

I just took my n64 and added an ultra hdmi to it, and brought the ED64 cartridge on top of it... yea pricy but it’s worth the admission...

GoldeneyeOO72186d ago

Sure they can. You can easily hack the retro consoles and add the entire console's library, for free, too. Hell, I've already done it with both the Classic NES as well as the Classic SNES. Even if you don't know much, or anything, about hacking, online videos make the whole (short) process incredibly easy.

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TheSuperiorGamer2186d ago

It’s a huge money mistake to get rid of it and now just invites hackers

emiyaxtousaka2186d ago

Why when the consoles make a ton

nicsaysdie2186d ago

Because the virtual console would make "a ton" more. A company could release a classic console with 20 or 30 preloaded games and make $80 bucks a pop. With Nintendo we're talkin' 4 classic consoles, because they probably would stop at gamecube. That's $320. Let's say they charged an average of $10 a game on a virtual console, for the same games. That's $800 on average for the same games. Not to mention the $300 for the switch. So they're leaving a lot still on the table. Plus the virtual console could offer more games, which means more money. And, most importantly, it's what the players want. So it's a little bit of a misstep.

slate912186d ago

The nintendo 64. King of the 90s 😍

Gaming_1st2186d ago

I have to disagree. Playstation was king of the 90's.

Playstation sold 102 million, while the closest competitor in the 90's was Snes 49 million. The N64 sold 33 million.

porkChop2186d ago

PS sold way more, obviously. But I think it's about the games. PS had a fantastic library, but there were so many legendary games on the N64.

letsa_go2186d ago

This is true. The N64 made me get out of gaming for a while because of their drought of games in the first 3 or so years. Then the dreamcast came out and I made the jump to that instead.

InTheZoneAC2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

90's was all nes, snes, ps1, virtual boy, gb, gbc, gba sp for me. N64 was barely a thing from MY experience.

Gaming_1st2186d ago

Ummm negative, the NES came out in 1983. The console remained popular in Japan and North America until late 1993, when the demand for new NES software abruptly plummeted. Basically when the Snes come out it 1990, the Nes took a huge dip.

InTheZoneAC2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

@gaming, maybe I didn't make myself clear even though I ended the sentence with "for me". I played nes from 90-93, got a snes late, played the heck out of that as well when I did get one.

letsa_go2185d ago

@Gaming_1st Uhhhh NES came out in late 85, SNES came out in late summer 91.

emiyaxtousaka2186d ago

snes was king (came out in 91)

chris2352186d ago

people need to stop re-buying ancient games for the umpteenth time. it‘s like asking nintendo „please, don‘t try harder“. so, the living dead state of the industry is not exactly a coincidence.

nicsaysdie2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I want to play super metroid on my switch!

Prince_TFK2186d ago

“ the living dead state of the industry is not exactly a coincidence.”

The living dead? Is Nintendo the only company in the whole industry?

letsa_go2186d ago

They should've made mini cartridges that have new sets of games for these classic consoles.