How Sony & Third Parties Attempted to Capitalize on Monster Hunter's Absence on PSV

VGChartz: “While the PSP definitely got off to a flying start in terms of sales thanks to the promise of console quality gaming on the go, things took a downturn in the following years due to a variety of factors including increasing competition from the DS & phones, and a lack of quality exclusives. In Japan, one franchise injected new life into the little handheld turning it from a decent seller into the must-have machine in the country - this was, of course, Monster Hunter.

Capcom's co-operative action-adventure series was born on the PS2 but found a much better audience on the PSP, where local ad-hoc play became somewhat of a phenomenon in the country. Each successive release sold better than the previous entry, culminating in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd clearing nearly 5 million copies. The stage was all set for the franchise to make the jump to Sony's new handheld in 2011, but in a surprise piece of news it was announced the series would instead be transitioning to Nintendo's new 3DS handheld.

With the audience still very much interested in buying a true next-gen successor on the Vita despite the hardware shift, other companies stepped in to attempt to plug the gap in the market, leading to a large variety of imitator franchises on the Vita. It's these series I'm intending to examine in this article - what they are (including many that actually pre-dated Monster Hunter or appeared alongside it on PSP), how many entries Vita saw, how well they sold, and how well they succeeded at providing a co-operative hunting experience.”

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Movefasta19931714d ago

Lol i remember soul sacrifice, i remember when people hyped it up to be the next monster esque game, it was fun for a while but it didn't do it for me.

Jaypi031713d ago

Honestly, story wise, I enjoyed it more than Monster Hunter, but it's comparing apples to oranges really.

Movefasta19931713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I don't play monster hunter for story, honestly the monster games have terrible stories but I still love them. I couldn't stand the bland environments in soul sacrifice and having to regenerate the abilities.

TheGamez1001714d ago

Freedom wars, God eater, Toukiden, and soul sacrifice I loved. Well the single player stories that is which is the one thing the mh games lacked to me. Very underrated games.

1713d ago
InKnight7s1713d ago

wow wow stop there lack of quality exclusives? Crisis Core FFVII, Dissidia, Dissidia 012, The 3rd Birthday, KH BBS, Type 0, other SE games, 2 GOW games, DW games, MGS Peace Walker, Dragon Ball Tag Tenkaichi (best DB on the go ever), tons of best anime games including Yu Gi Oh GX, Gundam, HxH, Naruto and so more, Megan Man X, Gran Turismo, 2 GTA games, without mentioning other PS exclusives and MH. PSP main issue was the HACK, without hacking I assume psp games would had sold much better. best portable device ever. with ton of PS1 classics.

Chaos_Order1713d ago

I actually thought Freedom Wars was excellent. Loved the setting, loved the combat, in some aspects I think it beats even Monster Hunter World. (Although MH's scale, scope and depth makes it better overall) I'd love to see a sequel or spiritual successor.