The Role of Kratos in Greek Mythology

This article looks into who Kratos is in the God of War series compared to who he was in Greek mythology. In the game series, the article looks into Kratos as the son of Zeus. In mythology, the article looks into Kratos as the son of Pallas and Styx, a sibling, and a servant of Zeus.

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FallenAngel1984234d ago

Cratos in mythology is so much the polar opposite of Kratos in the GoW series

Almost like how Hades is portrayed as a vile villain in most adaptations of the mythological character that seems more akin to an analogue of Satan than his original self.

bluefox755233d ago

I gotta be honest, up until this point, I was never sure whether Kratos was really from greek myth, or just a new character injected into it.

mockzer0233d ago

Historians will call Kratos a liar... But history was written by men who have hanged heroes. 😁