Why Are Developers Still Making PS Vita Games in 2018

Handheld Players has asked several developers why they are still making PS Vita games in 2018.

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Neonridr739d ago

well.. there are like 15 million or so of us who actually own the device. And while it might be on life support around the world, in Japan it still does ok numbers for some of the more popular Japanese franchises.

Veneno738d ago

Vita games still sell to its niche audience. There was a time when handheld gaming market was able to sustain itself but theres just not enough people who want a device that only just plays games. Sony has to think long and hard about its next step in the portable market. If they come out with a new device it has to do MANY things and more importantly do them WELL like the PS4 . In my opinion they need to do 1 of 2 things 1) bring the PS4 experience on the go with NO COMPROMISES. How they do this I don't know but Nintendo found a way and if Sony is a better company than so can they. 2) they need to create the Playstion Phone or Playstation Tablet but the kicker is that it must perform and do multiple tasks well so that it makes people REPLACE the phones and tablets we have now. And you must be able to synch a Dualshock via blutooth.

and either way they go they must get 3rd party support or it will not break out toward a huge success.

abstractel738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

I wouldn't compare Nintendo's efforts with the switch to the task of making a portable PS4 that's profitable. The PS4 is still plenty more powerful than the Switch, and it wasn't designed with power consumption in mind. If they can make it happen, I think it would be great.

But I think your second idea is better, something I've wanted too; a line of Playstation phones and tablets that are powerful enough to do both gaming and everything else that we expect out of that area well. Problem is, in mobile gaming most people are expecting free to $5 per game, something which wouldn't really do the Playstation brand a great deal of justice. On top of that, would it really be smart to take on Google and Apple?

It's a conondrum. I know I would be down for a Playstation Tablet with premium priced Playstation games but I don't know how big the market is.

Seraphim738d ago

Veneno. That's exactly what it is too. Niche audience. All those Japanese and JRPGs, etc.

After the PSP I thought I wouldn't bite again. Eventually, maybe a year after launch on Black Friday, I bought the white AC Liberation bundle. Which was a phenomenal game... At first the Vita was looking promising, like the Switch, in regards to software. Some great games and some ports were put out in the first 2-3 years. Shortly after whatever the time frame was is when developers just weren't bringing the content. It quickly turned and lead into exactly what the Vita had become for some time now and still is. A niche market with niche games.

And while you mention if Nintendo could then if Sony is a better company... The thing is, the Switch does compromise. You don't get full PS4 resolution, etc. Docked it seems to be adequate but go into handheld and there's compromise. Even docked Xenoblade Chronicles 2, though a great game, had a TON of pop in and other somewhat trivial issues that I was able to look past because the game was so fun. Furthermore, the fact of the matter is that the problem is not whether Sony can do it but at what cost and will consumers pay it. Sure Sony could design a tablet, handheld or Hybrid (Switch) that has the power but are consumers going to pay $600-800+. All that horsepower in a tiny frame, proper cooling, and preferably an OLED panel. For Sony to produce a device it would surely be costly.

Internetratnik738d ago

Now, this is simply retarded. Why? Because a FULL HD screen in a handheld device is completely unneccesary. Even sub-HD screen on Vita is awesome.

Veneno738d ago

I hear alot of excuses in these replies. The bottom line is Sony has to make a bold move and have developer support. They obviously cant just keep doing the same and make another failure like the Vita.

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rainslacker738d ago

System sells an abnormally high amount of software compared to the install base. It has one of the highest attach rates of any console in history....including the current gen consoles.

That's why it's always gotten software, because it's a niche machine, and that niche tends to buy a lot of games for it.

Neonridr737d ago

Switch has a much higher attach rate for 1st party software. Look at Zelda, MK8 and Mario Odyssey.

No offense, but Vita has very few games that have sold over a million copies.

rainslacker737d ago

Attach rate isn't based on a single title. It's based on overall software sales. For instance, On the WiiU, it stopped getting decent 3rd party support early, because a lot of games weren't selling outside of those 1st party games.

The reason the Vita keeps getting software is because that software keeps selling enough to make it worth the developers while.

SSj4Yagami736d ago

Yeah, 15+ million with a good attach rate of users who seem to enjoy niche and indie titles is a fine place to at least port a game to digitally. Vita will be here a while.

Fist4achin738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Because there is still an interested market. Silly question to be asked...

Glad to see continued development and Sony should do another handheld with the flaws of the Vita corrected.

SilverDemon738d ago

The flaws IMO:
1.the expensive cards
2.drop the gimmicks (back touch)
3.add R2 and l2
4. Make it cheaper
5. For the love of GOD have a monster Hunter game

drpepperdude738d ago

You summed up the biggest flaws and it also needs more original IP's by Sony instead of worse versions of it's console IP's.

Spartacus10738d ago

Adding R2 L2 would make it bulky. They might as well make a console that looks like a tablet, and people would have to use their dualshock controllers with it.
The vita doesnt fit into most peoples pockets anyway (unless you got a big winter coat), you have to carry it in your bag. If people carried a dualshock instead, atleast they would have a better gaming experience.
About being cheaper, they need to ditch the cameras. Everyone already has a phone for taking pictures, and game mechanics which utilise the camera suck in 99% of cases.

MazeRunner738d ago

everything u just said is the truth. lose the gimmicks, add l2 and r2, allow micro sd cards

Prince_TFK738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Not having enough exclusives game is also a very big flaw IMO. Imagine if Sony had support the PS Vita with great games like Nintendo did and still are doing for the 3DS, the Vita might have been in a very different place right now.

UltimateOwnage738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Nailed the flaws to a T. Hopefully they learn something from the few big issues the platform had if they make a new handheld. Having R2/L2 is pretty important. I don't see any reason why they cant add those two buttons like Nintendo did on New 3DS with the ZL / ZR buttons in line with the L/R buttons.

It seems like developers are still interested in it because they can clearly move enough software there to make it worth while. People who have a Vita generally seem to love the thing despite its flaws. And Sony has been pretty flexible with making developer support accessible to smaller studios with Vita in particular, which I'm sure has been a huge asset to the platform and helping it stay alive.

Honestly, if they just released a faster model that addressed the issues with the current system, it could become one of the best dedicated handheld gaming devices ever made.

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kevnb738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Its not really a ton of support, and the vita do didn't as poorly outside north america as far as I can tell.

TomatoDragon738d ago

That’s not answering the title’s question.

kevnb738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

I think it is, the vita died in North America already but it has a little life in other regions. They are still barely getting support, but it explains why they are bothering with it... especially when its very easy to get indie games that run on ps4 to run on vita in many cases. Just look at the devs/publishers still putting out games for the vita and where they are located...
CowCat - France
Flying Oak - France
rainbite - New Zealand
eastasiasoft - Hong Kong
Behind the stone - Germany
Rainbite - New Zealand
etc etc etc..

Also, look at this list, its barely anything

TomatoDragon738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

The title asked “ why are developers still making games.”
You didn’t address that question. You simply changed the narrative and made your own.

rainslacker738d ago

It doesn't get a wide variety, in that it doesn't get a lot of the mainstream type titles. But it gets a lot of support in the niche.

To that end, there are a lot of people who buy games in that niche, so the system sells a lot of those kinds of games.

Vita isn't doing great in the US, and hasn't for a long time, but it still has a dedicated following, and even GameStop stocks the new games without having to preorder, so it can't be that bad unless you just want the kinds of games that it doesn't have.

People that own a Vita, and like the kinds of games coming for it, aren't starving for new content, and there are new games releasing every month to retail. It also has a pretty healthy indie scene.

TomatoDragon738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Cause the false narrative, that has been pushed for years, is that the Vita is dead. Games still sell on the Vita.

kevnb738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

its dead in north america, and the amount of games coming out now is minuscule from small mostly European devs porting indie ps4 games to it. Its also not quite dead in Japan.

TomatoDragon738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Again, you’re not addressing the title of the article. And this isn’t a minuscule list.

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