Five Settings That Need a Souls-Like Makeover

With the highly anticipated release of Dark Souls Remastered earlier this week, gamers will no doubt see another influx of ‘Souls-like’ titles and comparisons over the coming years. While a high difficulty level has become synonymous with the franchise, the key ingredient moulded into each Souls game is the overwhelming sense of relief and reward that comes from completing each hurdle and the unique sense of exploration when uncovering the next nugget of lore. With that being said, a number of potential settings for the style remain unplumbed.

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benji1995143d ago

I'd welcome more games exploring Asian history in general, so the Mongol conquest of China is a great choice, particularly when you factor in how Mongol warfare will translate into Soulsborne gameplay.

nucky64143d ago

ghost of tsushima is set in mongol invasion of japan

salmonade143d ago

Great read. I can imagine all of these. They're extremely mouth watering.
Also, what about Vikings. I'm not talking about fighting Thor or anything crazy like that, BUT, just a man that had his wife and son killed and he was captured from his country and was brought back to this strange Viking land and held prisoner to be sold as a slave. He escapes, and the 'souls-like' thing ensues. Battling different clansmen and villages to viking strongholds etc. With different kinds of legendary warriors you fight. Plus you could have magic in the game, but it's like Thor's lightning on equipment and things like that.

LawlessSXE143d ago

Funnily enough, that was one of the options that was considered. However, between Norse settings being all the rage recently and the strength of the ones we included, we decided not to include it.

InKnight7s142d ago

Well I think evolve in gameplay and abilities is needed in the genre, or would that will break the hard nature of the game?