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Fullmetalevolust146d ago

Final Fantasy VII: remake.
Kingdom hearts 3.
Legend of Dragons remake by the studio that remade Shadow of the colossus (it's gonna happen, trust n believe)
BloodBorne 2.
Killzone or Horizon Zero Dawn 2.
Japan Studio's new game or Gravity Rush 3 (one can only hope)
Dark Cloud 3 by level 5 (??)

bolimekurac146d ago

there will be more then that for sure. sony has been building a killer library and besides what has been revealed already i think sony has a few surprise games at e3 and not just 2 or 3, most likely more then 3 to 4 big surprises besides whatever we are expecting

SickSinceSix146d ago

Killzone: Mercenary 2 would be pretty sweet. Similar to how Gravity Rush got a PS4 sequel from it's original Vita release.

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PaleMoonDeath146d ago

Devil May Cry V & Resident Evil REmake 2, have a funny feeling either or both of these two will show up there my dudes.

justlikeme146d ago

Imagine if they announced that FF7:Remake was releasing next year along side PS5 annnddd it was a bundle!?!?!? How many PS5's will be sold?