E3 2018 Predictions – Nintendo

With E3 just around the corner, it is once again time for the Player 2 crew to get their crystal balls out of the attic and make some wildly inaccurate predictions as to what will appear at the world’s biggest games show. It is now Nintendo's time to shine.

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Fullmetalevolust146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I'd like to see a Mario RPG developed by Square's studios or Camelot Software, turn based but not a SJRPG's like Rabbid's, although I love Strategy Jrpg's, that one didn't catch my attention.
Kid Icarus. Metroid like the SNES days.
Fire Emblem or Advanced Wars. Golden Sun (allow Camelot to do what they do best, great JRPG's)
Animal crossing (summer release, I love lounging around and playing it at the pool).
Monolith Soft new game.
Platinum games with Bayonetta 3, and port of Wonderful 101.
Sega Ages: skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon, Nights into dreams, Shining Force, etc...

Yep, I'm full on dreaming. lol

ClanPsi1146d ago

Ah god, don't even bring up Shining force. Every time I think about that amazing gem of a series I get so nostalgic, and then super depressed. What I would give for a Shining Force 3 compilation, with all three parts fully localised, is beyond imagination.

Fullmetalevolust146d ago

It breaks my heart just the same man. I think I'd do some really shady sh*t just to get an HD collection of all three games, lol. I mean if Shenmue can rise from the ashes, why can't we get together to claim Shining Force as the next series that needs revival?

SpamnJam146d ago

Something fresh. Ninty has had some good going with new IP lately (Splatoon and ARMS) so I hope they keep the fresh ideas coming.


Might as well announce that dockless Switch.

DivineAssault 146d ago

I know a proper Fire Emblem is coming.. Bayonetta 3, smash bros, & metroid prime 4.. Im all good but if they wanna show more thats cool too

paintedgamer1984146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Just give me gameplay of metroid prime 4 and show off some new i.p. with a t or m rating.

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