Why BioShock 4 May Never Happen

Barely a year after the release of BioShock Infinite, the critically-acclaimed third installment in the BioShock franchise, creator Ken Levine shockingly shut down Irrational Games, the studio responsible for the two most popular games in the series. During his announcement, Levine made it clear that BioShock was now the intellectual property of 2K Games, which stated later that year that it would continue the franchise if the studio could find a creative way to realize the series' full potential.

That was back in 2014. Since then, there has been radio silence on the development of a new BioShock front outside of speculation in the fall of 2017 that 2K Games was hiring for a new first-person shooter, which might be BioShock 4 (emphasis on might). Granted, 2K could really be ready to start building the next BioShock and take a crack at delivering a worthy addition to the revered franchise. However, a look back at the series' history paints a pretty grim picture for BioShock 4's chances. While gamers would love to see what insane objects fly out of their hands in an all-new BioShock experience, the odds are pretty high that zipping around the skies of Columbia was their last romp through Ken Levine's politically-charged sci-fi world.

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Smokehouse1769d ago

Supposedly it’s a new studio of former irrational people. I would love to see what Levine is working on though, Ghost Story games first game would be the highlight of e3for me.