Xbox 360 Gets a System Update — Its First in Two Years

Xbox 360 just got its first system update in more than two years. No one seems to know what it does other than make “minor bug fixes and improvements” but it shows that Microsoft is still supporting the old workhorse.

The last system update for Xbox 360 came March 29, 2016, about a month before Microsoft formally announced it was ending its production.

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strayanalog170d ago

For those wondering, PlayStation 3’s last system update, 4.82, was issued on Nov. 14, 2017. Wii U’s version 5.5.2 U went out July 17, 2017.‎

kneon170d ago

Given the timing I wonder if it's GDPR related?

strayanalog170d ago

You bring up a fine point, kneon, and you are most likely correct.

OpenGL169d ago

I decided to boot my 360 up for the first time in months, it is GDPR related. Xbox One also got a similarly timed GDPR update.

MorpheusX170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

What it shows is alot of Xbox platform supporters are still playing on the 360, & have not upgraded or come into this Gen.

29.5million this Gen is all MS has managed.

They sold almost 3times as much last Gen

deadfrag170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

They also had the RROD to inflate the Xbox 360 total sales.I brought 3 xbox 360 consoles due to RROD and know many people that had brought more than one Xbox 360 due to the same problem.

343_Guilty_Spark170d ago

RROD was essentially a out of warranty replacement, which are never counted towards sales. Conspiracy theorist much?

hamzilla170d ago

If you had to pay full price for a new 360 because of RROD then it would count towards the sales... 🙄🙄

showtimefolks170d ago


For a while ms didn't admit that RROD was an issue it was until later they issued warranty or replacements. So for those who paid for more than one Xbox 360 that counts towards the sales

Profchaos170d ago

Same by mid gen I was on my 4th

ramiuk1170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

i bought 8 and i know many others who bought numerous consoles.
mine was modded and 5 got Ring of death and 3 got banned.
there was over 600,000 banned in just one wave,i think the total ban count is over 4,5 million consoles.
only when IXTREME 3.5 LT i think did the bans stop.

ocelot07170d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark actually it took MS a good year or 2 to announce the RROD was a thing. My first 360 was a launch month Core edition. Which died of a GPU issue like 9 months into it's life. Then it died not long after the 12 months warranty. I had a choice get it repaired for like £120 or get a new one for £200.

I went with the new one. Which again died of the RROD 16 months later. At this point the new 3 year warranty period had kicked in from MS. So I was able to get it fixed for free. However, A few months later it for RROD again. So I got it repaired and traded it in for a elite.

I am certain I am not the only one who did this.

MuddyWaters170d ago

I know I'm not going to be part of the cool crowd for saying this but software sales were pretty much even between the PS3 and Xbox 360, so for anyone suggesting hardware sales are bulked up because of RRoD is a misnomer. You're not going to buy the same game twice because your Xbox 360 crapped out. Let me guess, scratched disks are why software sales are the same?

fewDankMemes170d ago

I never knew a single person that bought an entirely new console when they had RROD. Every single person I knew growing up had a 360, and those who did get affected by the RROD, Microsoft was able to repair it, because they upped their warranty to THREE YEARS within the first few months of it happening.. So if you were silly enough to go and buy 3 new Xbox 360s because you didn't want to use Microsoft's warranty system, then that is not Microsoft "inflating numbers", that is you being extremely ignorant and wasting your money.

Simmo3D170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Yeah I went through 2 old models and then got the Slim which still works.
I didn't bother with the warranty crap. just bought new consoles at the time.

Necr0philiac170d ago

I got the RROD 3 times. MS sent me back a replacement console every time within a week. The 3rd time they sent me back a arcade model and i never had a problem since then

DarXyde169d ago


If it isn't obvious, deadfrag is saying that people BOUGHT the console again, not replace. That would certainly inflate sales. I did experience two RRODs, but I only repurchased it once the slim 360s released. The first time it happened, Microsoft said the manufacture date was 4 days passed eligibility for a free replacement. FOUR. DAYS. Yeah, I paid for it. Then it happened again and I didn't send it in. I waited quite sometime when the slim released and I bought that. No problems since.

Point being, I'm on my third Xbox 360 and Microsoft can effectively count two console sales from me since I bought the original and bought a slim.

And actually, my old PS3 also bit the dust (YLOD), but that took much longer and I just replaced it with a slim. No problems there either.

Cobra951169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

The problem with the RRoD warranty program was that they replaced a defectively designed unit with another defectively designed unit. (Owners of 90nm/90nm Zephyr or Xenon systems were screwed when they got back another such design as a warranty replacement.) However, the whole thing was fixed properly with the Jasper chipset in 2008. Reduction of the fab process of both CPU and GPU to 65 nm, and later 40 nm, lowered power consumption and heat output to non-fatal levels. So the RRoD problem has been history for nearly 10 years of 360 hardware. It's time to move on.

Edit: Necrophiliac, you got lucky. The Arcade unit is a Jasper design.

doggo84169d ago

Between my bro and i, we went through 4 totally new xbox 360's because of RROD

IRetrouk169d ago

Load of crap, my resi 360 was an elite model, it red ringed within a year, just like my launch original, people that downplay the red ring are full of shite!! Lost all my bubbles on here for daring to mention it early last gen, now we have people denying it?? Madness!!

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paintedgamer1984170d ago

However, its only 4.5 years into this gen when it took the 360 +10 years to sell the 85 or so million youre reffering to. Furthermore, i doubt the xb1 will sell anywhere near that # lifetime. They would be lucky to reach even 45 mil when its rumored to only sell 30 mil in 4.5 years.

Brave_Losers_Unite170d ago

Alot? One update in two years?

shloobmm3169d ago

Xbox france declared 35 million xbox one's sold in December of 2016. In a year and a half since then you think they somehow went backwards 5.5mil?

trouble_bubble169d ago

That France thing was shot down ages ago dude, due to weird sourcing they did through changing Wikipedia numbers. Numerous forums debunked it. MS hasn’t released official numbers since like 2014. Even trades like Variety have ran stories on their radio silence.

EA chief financial officer has let some numbers slip since then, as has EA CEO Andrew Wilson. Including earlier this year pegging them around 30million at the end of 2017.

They didn’t go backwards, they just haven’t got there yet.

conanlifts169d ago

There was a report from Microsoft not too long ago stating they had 55million active subscribers on gold. Based on only 30 million xbox one consoles sold I find this almost unbelievable and if true shows how many fans they have failed to win over from the 360.

ApexWolf22169d ago

They must be counting the free gold accounts on "HOME" consoles. All you needed was 1 gold account and the rest all had access to the same privileges and content as long as the main account remained linked to the console ...

candystop169d ago

The 360 would have sold more if not for rrod. They were literally on fire and suddenly the flame went out and has been out ever since.

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Shuckylad170d ago

Do it, it one of the best consoles of all time.

Srhalo170d ago

It's not actually an update it just breaks modded consoles.

169d ago
LandoCalrissiano170d ago

Well it would be sad if the emulator were more stable than the console itself lol.

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