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"Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a spin-off title from the Kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This game has been developed by Inti Creates in an 8-bit style and showcases gameplay from the same era of the NES. Curse of the Moon is a love letter to those that enjoy classic Castlevania games and never ceases to impress." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Larrysweet145d ago

Looks like castlevanua knock off

DivineAssault 145d ago

Do you know who had this game made? Or that its just a stretch goal for something bigger?


This is just taste of a bigger game coming out later


Knock off? Yeah by the guy that MADE that Castlevania......

KaaF145d ago

Igarashi first directed Castlevania was Symphony of the Night, he did not create Castlevania, no one knows who created the series, it is believed it was Hitoshi Akamatsu, sadly he disappeared from the industry long time ago, so no one knows for sure.

JunMei145d ago

ummmm.... it's made by the old Castlevania team.

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DivineAssault 145d ago

Im buying it today or tomorrow.. Trying to complete Hyrule warriors before i get started..

wonderfulmonkeyman145d ago

"Complete" in what sense? Just the story mode?
Because I can promise you, if you mean clearing out every single Adventure map on top of that, or [lord help you if I'm right] getting every single weapon, skulltula, heart piece/container, character and building an ultimate My Fairy of every element, then you, my friend, are in for at least a few months of effort.XD

DivineAssault 145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Adventure mode lol.. I did the story on wii u.. Im in no rush but if it takes too long ill just play it another time

Einhander1971145d ago

Absolutely brilliant on my second play through, 8 bit forever !!!! love it :)

SR388145d ago

This is better than all castlevanias after 4... As komani know shit about making good games anymore this game is amazing... I go it earlier for my switch for like £5 and it's great!

wonderfulmonkeyman145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I wish Konami wanted my money, but apparently they don't, since they haven't made a good Metroid-vania style Castlevania in ages.
I'd love a follow-up to Order of Ecclesia; that game had some of the best music and the bosses were an amazing challenge.

But Ritual of the Night's dev team is going to replace Konami at this rate, in this genre, because Konami seems content to let Castlevania die.

DivineAssault 145d ago

Konami's talent is gone anyway.. Theyre dead to me.. We have this & death stranding by the last two good workers they had

Magic_Spatula144d ago

Konami has been making bank off of Pachinko machines. I don't think they care as much for video games anymore. Sure they will most likely milk Metal Gear dry and release the yearly PES and milk whatever other properties they own through mobile gaming like they've been doing for the past few years. But to expect Konami to develop any substantial game(s)? At the rate they've been going lately, not gonna happen.

Segata145d ago

Agreed I much prefer my CV games more gothic and linear than SoTN.

HylianMigz145d ago

this makes me even more excited for ritual

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