E3 2018 Microsoft Xbox One Predictions: Halo 6, Blue Dragon, Crackdown 3, Perfect Dark, And More

GameSpot: It’s that time of the year, E3 2018 is upon us and we have our biggest predictions for Microsoft’s Xbox One presentation and what the future holds.

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Spurg146d ago

The only one I would call is crackdown being turned into battle royale.

ClanPsi1146d ago

I could see that being the first battle royale game to actually be fun.

chiefJohn117145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Facts, it would work well for crackdown, way more fun than these other BR games especially with cloud destruction......omg yes. That's planting a lot of ideas in my head give me new hope for crackdown 3.

Obscure_Observer145d ago


"The only one I would call is crackdown being turned into battle royale."

If i not mistaken, Microsoft already said that Crackdown 3 will not have a BR mode.

Vasto146d ago

I just want another Halo, Gears and Forza.

RpgSama146d ago

So, more of the same for you? That's sad.

Cueil145d ago

going on 4 years for Halo proper and we are not even likely to see 6 this year so 5 at least

Mmmkay146d ago

What about a new controller to go with it?

Brave_Losers_Unite146d ago

I heard Kinect is getting a redesign

Cueil145d ago

heard we are getting a Elite v2

Bathyj146d ago

And Microsoft loves you. It's great to have a fan base with low expectations.

georeo146d ago

That's it? Nothing else? Same old game's?

UCForce145d ago

You are not thinking outside of boxes, aren’t ya ? Come on, try something new and refresh your mind for once.

Dragonscale145d ago

@vasto, you won't be disappointed then lol.

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PhoenixUp146d ago

- Mistwalker hasn’t made a console game in a long time. I doubt if/when they return they’d decide to work on Blue Dragon again, especially when most JRPGs are destined to flop on Xbox One.

- There’s only two times Platinum attempted to make exclusives on Xbox platforms and neither panned out. First time was with Bayonetta, but Sega later decided to make it multiplatform and put it on the PlayStation 3 as well to make it more commercially viable. Second time was with Scalebound and there’s no coming back after that failed project.

- There’s no reason for Microsoft to pursue a streaming service after Xbox Games Pass got so much credit for being a a download service in comparison to PlayStation Now.

- I doubt after Rare Replay, which includes all of Rare’s past original IPs in one package, flopped that they’d ever consider going back to any of said IPs after their combined offering couldn’t even prove to be commercially viable.

Father__Merrin146d ago

You are correct sir there's a lot of flopza out there

Jinger146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I think they should just make it so you can stream or download from GamePass. That way they can still push it to every platform, but people still have the option to download it locally on Xbox and PC at least.

battlegrog146d ago

Wrong. The point of the steaming streaming service is to bring the entire xbox platform to it. Not a handful of games on game pass

ClanPsi1146d ago

I really wish they would release Rare Replay on PC. I bet they'd sell a shit-ton of units if they did.

Teflon02145d ago

That's literally all I want to hear. I'd buy it the very moment it's announced

battlegrog146d ago

Trust me a proper advanced streaming servive with a full in console menu and games will be in high demand. Ps now is limited tech compared to the structure ms has. I for one dont want another gaming pc or console. Id love a streaming service to game anywhere with a connection snd not be limited

chiefJohn117145d ago

Rare replay flopped? How so?

ClanPsi1145d ago

A rough guestimate of total sales from VGCharts says it sold about 400,000 units. That isn't great, but I definitely wouldn't call it a flop.

Obscure_Observer145d ago


Blue Dragon which was released 1 year after Xbox 360´s release, sold about 1 million copies on Xbox 360 which is far more than most JRPG´s achieved on PS4. Nino Kuni 2 sold only 900K Worldwide on a console which has a 75+ million userbase. FACT!

Stogz145d ago

360 had around that userbase when blue dragon came out. Also those are total sales, nino kuni is still new and still selling. It will pass blue dragon easily, but yes both are niche. That's a fact too. Now continue on with your white knighting throughout this thread...

notachance145d ago

yeah yeah continue on, your comments are hilarious lol

Obscure_Observer145d ago


"360 had around that userbase when blue dragon came out."

So the 360 had 75+ userbase back on 2006? Smdh. You don´t even know what you´re talking about. I´ll rest my case.

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RosweeSon146d ago

Crackdown 3 is a prediction Haha ahahah

RpgSama146d ago

I mean, might as well, 5th E3 for a game that's going to be a 7 at most.

RosweeSon146d ago

I couldn’t agree more the last one was pretty average at best so I can’t see after all the hype? This is gonna be any better. We’ll see but I’d hazzard a guess at a 7 last i saw looked like they had gone back to the drawing board and started again hire terry crews and yeah good luck to them. He is hilarious... gonna save a failed game... no.