E3 2018: 10 Announcements That Would Change Everything

What Culture: Gaming Christmas is almost upon us, which means that it's time to start getting excited and making predictions about what's to come.

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jackdaddy145d ago

Death Stranding being put back 5 years. That would end me.

ShadowWolf712144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

10. Bloodborne is a Playstation-owned IP. If it's announced, it WILL be exclusive.

9. Valve never has to release another game, and probably never will. If they do, it will fall far short of the hype and people will rage no matter what.

8. I don't see Splinter Cell "changing everything".

7. Insomniac wouldn't need to "watch out" for anything. Batman and Superman are very different beasts, and given the track record of Superman games, Spider-Man will be released well before Rocksteady is able to assure people enough to truly build hype.

6. Fable 4 will be on PC anyways.

5. FFVII may as well be a distant dream yet. Don't see it releasing before next gen.

4. If EA revived Dead Space it'll be some MP-only survival game. It would be Dead Space's reanimated corpse.

3. That's already been confirmed so idk why that's on this list.

2. That will... also change nothing. And based on a lot of community reactions I've seen online, most of the hardcore Pokemon fans seem to actually want them to wait til 2019 and make sure they take full advantage of the system over these alleged Gen 1 remakes.

1. The technology to make an "impressive" jump won't even be there til 2020/2021. It's not gonna be there this year. Hell, I doubt they even have devkits yet, just some early prototypes and simulations based on assumed specs that might be available. Plus it's still way too early and most of their First Party either just finished a game or are working on announced PS4 games that would merely be ports that wouldn't even take advantage of the new system.

The PS5 will not be at E3.