Ex Dragon Age Boss: Inquisition's World Was A Bit Hollow,Now I Would Make It More Like The Witcher 3

Former Dragon Age franchise lead Mike Laidlaw admitted that Inquisition's open world was a bit hollow, and in hindsight, he would now make it more like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. He also said he feels bad about the cut features that didn't make it into the final version of the game.

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Imp0ssibl3236d ago

Definitely true but Inquisition was still a great game, I hope DA4 can turn out even better.

RpgSama235d ago

It's not that DA:I was a bad game, it's just that TW3 was so much better, but at the same time it was after, so at the time of DA:I you didn't know what you were missing.
It's easy to say now how empty Inquisition was, because we already played both

C4rnos235d ago

At the time, Inquisition just felt like a single player Bioware MMO, felt very empty to myself at least- the story wasn't as entertaining as the first two, nor the combat.

Hopefully they go back to Bioware roots for a sequel, however Anthem is taking precedence currently.

joab777235d ago

Its a strange statement. It’s like someone playing GoW and saying, that’s how I wanted to make my game lol!

And yeah, TW3 makes every game feel hollow. It’s just so damn dense, and it’s side quests are better than the main quests. It’s nuts! My only issue, and it’s serious nitpicking, is the combat system, and 99% of games, including the Souls games and Bioshock, have this issue...the combat becomes too easy too quickly. And this makes anything related to progression somewhat irrelevant.

For example, what good is all the gear and crafting system once you start getting the main schematics? And a lot of the combat complexity is lost when you are rolling through enemies.

That said, it is a PHENOMENAL game, and almost unfathomable in CDPR’s evolution from the two previous entries.

It makes me very excited (and a bit nervous) for CP2077. Excited because they have shown to increase exponentially in their ability to craft a story and world in seemless fashion. Nervous, because they have yet to fail in their desire to take on almost insurmountable challenges. Oh...a full open world that maintains a story problem. Now, it’s a larger map, possible multiplayer and first person perspective.

Can’t wait! All the faith in the world. But a bit apprehensive tbh!

PhantomS42235d ago

It was only better than DA2 which isn't a very high bar to get over. It was a pretty lousy game and a hollow shell from the greatness that Origins brought us.

KaiPow236d ago

I'd love to see Bioware take a heavier approach to their melee combat. Never was much of a fan of CRPG's growing up and I thought there wasn't enough impact to the combat in DA2.

Relientk77236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

I hope Dragon Age 4 is more like Witcher 3

I loved Inquistion, but Witcher 3 is much better, especially the quests, and world with tons to do.

PhantomS42235d ago

If they could mix Origins and The Witcher 3 then it would be a fantastic game and a huge apology for the last two turds in the series.

Segata235d ago

I hope DA4 is more like Dragon Age Origins.

ArchangelMike236d ago

Let's get real for a second, EA would never allow for the time and resources needed to create a living world like The Witcher 3 (just look at what happened to Mass Effect Andromeda).

I'd love to see it too, but just don't see EA pouring the time and resources into a huge single-player open world world game, without some kind of hackneyed idea for loot boxes and monetisation.

porkChop235d ago

Probably not, but you never know. EA's apparently had a GTA competitor in development for years, and that hasn't even been announced yet. Star Wars games from most of their studios have been in development for years, and those also haven't been announced yet. So they're not always against taking their time, they just usually don't like to do so.

execution17235d ago

I believe Andromeda's fault was mismanagement, decent game but could've been a whole lot better

Tru_Blu235d ago

They'll go the route of the first dragon age and make you pay for storage for your loot :)

PhantomS42235d ago

The Dark Souls of the Witcher?

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