Final Fantasy: Who Is The Best Character From Each Game?

The Final Fantasy franchise celebrated its thirtieth birthday last year. In that time, the number of games that have been released bearing its name is well into the hundreds given the rise of mobile gaming, whilst its creators have also made occasional forays into the worlds of film, anime and other media platforms.

At its core, however, are the fifteen numbered titles that make up the 'main' series, some of which have been supplemented by prequels and sequels that expand upon them. With the exception of XI and XIV, which were massive multiplayer online games, the heart of each has been the story, unravelling over tens of hours and drawing in masses of characters beloved and loathed alike.

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NecrumOddBoy146d ago

Wedge and Biggs (every FF)

FallenAngel1984146d ago

“With the exception of XI and XIV, which were massive multiplayer online games, the heart of each has been the story”

Just because FFXI & FFXIV were MMOs didn’t mean they they didn’t have great stories.

Daeloki145d ago

I never played XI, but I can at least agree on XIV. It has a slow start and A Realm Reborn isn't super exciting, but it really picks up at the end, and I'm looking forward to playing trough Heavensward and Stormblood

SarcasticDuck145d ago

You can't consider it a good story if it only "picks up at the end". A good story is good from the start.

Daeloki145d ago

Sure I can, just because the story is slow paced doesn't mean it's bad. It takes a while to set up, and with picking up at the end I meant how all the little things throughout a Realm Reborn escalate into major events at the end and open up the storyline for Heavensward.

narsaku146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

My personal favorites are Vivi, "The black magician from FF9", Reno, "The red haired Turks agent from FF7", Cid Highwind the mechanic from FF7, Zell the martial artist from FF8, Lulu from FF10, "It's a crush thing", Auron the single sword arm user from FF10...

Hmmm... Arydyn from FF15, "Because his tragic past makes him interesting, not because I like a sociopath".

My personal favorite has to be Vivi. His struggle and bravery coming to understand what he was at his, "apparent", age was tear jerking for me. What a little champion.

SarcasticDuck145d ago

here's my list of best characters from each game:
FF1- Vivi
FF2- Vivi
FF3- Vivi
FF4- Vivi
FF5- Vivi
FF6- Vivi
FF7- Vivi
FF8- Vivi
FF9- that black mage puppet i'm forgetting the name of
FF11- Vivi has logged in
FF12- Vaan... lol no, it's Vivi
FF13- Square wishes it was Lightning but it's Vivi
FF14- Vivi has accepted you in the guild (or whatever system that game uses)
FF15- I'll tell you in a decade or so...