Apple Fires Back at Valve, Claiming Steam Link Violated App Guidelines

Apple's Senior VP of Marketing Phil Schiller takes aim at Valve in new statement, claiming Steam Link violated App Store guidelines.

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DarkVoyager239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

It’s a store within a store which breaks Apple’s guidelines. I don’t see how Valve didn’t see this one coming.

killswitch80238d ago

then why is the steam app ok. I can purchase games through that.

joab777238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

There’s many apps that sell games on them, including games that compete directly with Apple. PS has an app in which you can purchase apps, just as Valve does. Maybe it is the fact that these can be purchased AND played on the device itself. Now people will have a choice when choosing what to play on their iPhone. Do I buy a game from Apple or from Valve? Not what Apple wants I guess.

And I don’t see a quick fix at all. Micro transactions garner billions in profits. And that is exactly why Valve wants this app on the IPhone.

morganfell238d ago

Remember, the App was initially approved. The fact is Apple has been eyeing gaming for some time and sees the Valve app as cutting into revenue.

Just like Detroit Become Human, Android FTW.

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