Under $20 sale on PS4 games feature Dragon Quest Heroes II, Titan Quest and more

Amazon has discounted several PS4 games to under $20, including Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer's Edition, Life is Strange: Before The Storm, Destiny 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, Metal Gear Survive, Railway Empire, Titan Quest and more.

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phoenixwing147d ago

Dragon quest heroes 2 is actually a pretty decent game, i need to go back and finish it.

DivineAssault 146d ago

Is it better than the 1st? I really didnt like DQ heroes.. I enjoyed Hyrule warrios, FE warriors, & even a few DW titles.. Not this one though..

phoenixwing146d ago

well I never played the first to be honest. I picked this one because they changed it to an open world map instead of whatever they did before it. Also the enemies are stronger than in regular heroes/mosou games. To me this makes it more fun there are more mini bosses if you understand what I'm getting at. Of course there are fodder enemies the more you level up but the beginning felt different and I liked it. I also liked the idea of switching characters in it if you wanted. But you can choose whether or not the female character is the lead or if it's the male character. The male character does more damage with dual wielding but the female character has a shield. Also the review i read on dualshockers mentioned that it was better than the first if you wanted to read their review. It's what swayed me to buy the game.