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GameRevolution writes: "For those who are already fans of the series, Dark Souls Remastered is just a polished version of an already great game."

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CaptainOmega238d ago

I loved the original Dark Souls on the PS3. It's a shame the only benefit this game seems to have is an improved framerate. It's still essentially the same textures/graphics.

Should be called a port rather than a remaster.

ziggurcat238d ago

There's improved lighting. And password co-op.

One thing I wish they implemented was the ability to speed up the ascension/descension of the ladders like they did with the other DS games.

The_Jackel238d ago

wish ds2 sotfs got the password coop i hate that soul level crap it has

Dark_Knightmare2238d ago

They upgraded the lighting big time,they did redo some textures and some they didn’t,the armor,bosses and characters are all way better looking,the bonfire and fog doors were upgraded and it runs at a silky smooth 60 fps which makes blighttown way less of a chore.