The History Of Video Game Fads From Pong To Fortnite

The video game industry is not one where originality reigns supreme. Sure, there are definitely Big Ideas that change the landscape of gaming, but for the most part publishers are content to slowly improve on stuff that’s already proven profitable.
But sometimes imitation goes beyond mere flattery to become a fad, when seemingly the entire video game world gets fixated on a single idea and starts churning out endless copies. We’re seeing it now with Fortnite and the Battle Royale craze, but this isn’t a new thing. Let’s blow in the cartridges and revisit some of the most potent fads in video game history.

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strayanalog1115d ago

Street Fighter II was released in '91 not '87.

Kokyu1114d ago

He obviously meant street fighter.

strayanalog1114d ago

I thought that too until he mentioned "paradigm change" with the addition of a competitive two-player mode. Obvious fumble, and we all do it, but it's a pet peeve that I should work on.

ShinRon1114d ago

Pokemon Go didnt make the cut?