Yoko Taro Responds to Battlefield V's Female Soldier Drama in the Most Hilarious Yoko Taro Way

As drama rages all over the internet over the implementation of female soldiers in Battlefield V, NieR: Automata Director Yoko Taro isn't triggered.

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Achelexus2195d ago

Big difference since japanese games don't usually have SJW themes, Taro doesn't understand why people got disappointed because these things are generally not an issue for the japanese games industry.

Abriael2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Yoko Taro probably understands better than you do. Incidentally, Japanese games have a million of different themes, including what many would define "SJW" People just don't get up in arms about them, because they're games.

People got "disappointed" because they're dreadfully ignorant about history and hypocritical about politics. When those you call "SJW" whine about this or that "issue" in games conflicting with their agendas, then some are very ready to defend developers' right to be creative, but when that creativity puts a woman on a cover of a work of fiction, suddenly it's not ok. And the funny part is that it goes both ways.

What developers want to portray is king, whether it's female soldiers in WWII or a hybrid between a cute girl and a Messerschmitt Bf 109, and that's what Yoko Taro means. He's right, and nothing else matters.

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bluefox7552194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

I don't think they were motivated by creativity, that's kind of the point. We know what motivates these decisions, because the developers are often open about it, even bragging. If creativity were motivating these things, I doubt anyone would complain.

FunAndGun2194d ago


"We know what motivates these decisions."

Please tell, I would like to know.

Parasyte2194d ago

Yes, bluefox. Please tell All-Knowing One!

Heavenly King2194d ago

You just showed how you are the actual ignorant about history. Also, none of those Japanese game were trying to portray history, so it really does not matter if they put 1 or 100 women on the cover of game about a war that is not real.

CaptainObvious8782194d ago


Actually, Achelexus understand perfectly.

BFV is a game too, so why are people getting upset over that and not Nier, a game with a female protagonist? Hmm? You very well know the answer, but you're choosing to straw man instead and demonise a group of people.

For those that are a bit confused, let me explain. Yoko just got on with the game, there was no broadcasting how morally superior the game was because of "diversity". EA, on the other hand, have preached how virtuous they are by including a female character. It's called virtue signalling and it's pathetic. And I have to wonder if you're doing the same thing.

Sevir2194d ago

Please spare me the theatrics, people are complaining because females are represented... And they feel it's some feminist agenda for representation... This uproar is crap and highlights just how much the male dominated gamer demographic has to grow up... So the f*** what they put female soldiers in a war game, their are female soldiers in war now. Whether the developers did it out of creativity or to address a need for female representation is hardly a case for this kind outrage... It's a fictional wargame based lovely on WW2... The developers can put female soldiers in the game for whatever the reason they see fit... Grow the hell up and direct your outrage to more pressing matters, it's a freaking femining looking character model, it probably runs and guns the same as the male character models in first person view when you pick up the controller to play.

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Omnislashver362194d ago

How in the hell do you know this is SJW? You saw like 5 seconds of gameplay.

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Kashima2195d ago

I love female protagonists, so exited for BFV.

TheOttomatic912194d ago

Yoko Taro being a boss as as usual.

Nodoze2194d ago

So the last Battlefield had to elevate a minority to the cover, and the special edition (which had to get dumped cheap as next to nobody bought it), the new one is moving a female to the lead spot. Enough virtue signaling and enough with this SJW shit.

Kabaneri2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Dont worry in 10 years we'll have a trans-species on the cover with the direction society is going. Dice is from Sweden, a country full of cucks that is willingly destroying itself, this is no surprise.

Teflon022194d ago

a female was already the start screen for BF. Don't get why this is a big deal...

Sevir2194d ago

I really can't believe in 2018 people are pissed that a developer put a female character in a war game.... Like how many war games over the last decade have had female characters....? Let me think... EVERY LAST ONE.... Fragile hyper masculinity. That's the issue here