Fortnite breaks another record, generating $296 million in April across all platforms

SuperData Arcade has shared its monthly report, claiming that Fortnite has broken another record by generating $296 million in April across all platforms.

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Kribwalker146d ago

Wow, it’s so crazy how a Free to play MP game done right can generate so much revenue in a single month and it’s been ongoing, it was well over $200 million in march too. It’ll only get bigger when they release on android and if the rumoured switch version is true.

combatcash146d ago

I'm still surprised there isn't any outrage about the Micro Transactions. Skins are about $20 each shit is ridiculous.

xX-oldboy-Xx146d ago

But it's a choice, not necessary.

jairusmonillas145d ago

Those skins are optional. And some people buy them not just for the skins but also they love playing the game so they want to support it.

People love the game that's why you'll never hear complains. People complain when they feel they are being ripped off. Playing Fortnite doesn't make you feel ripped off.

Kribwalker145d ago


That’s why i don’t have a problem with cosmetic MTs, as long as its not pay to win, if they keep supporting the games with free DLC and optional MTs that’s fine by me. I don’t have to spend money and get free content

combatcash145d ago

MOST of the shit you buy in multiplayer games including EA games is optional, but people pick and choose what to lose their shit about.

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Zabatsu146d ago

Yeah wish I could return the favor to you. Ergo, the kicking ass one.

Septic146d ago

Lol you're welcome to try. It involves letting go of your keyboard first.

xX-oldboy-Xx146d ago

Septic - You can't help yourself, you're a joke lol.

OT:It's great news for epic and all the people involved, some fairly big performance bonuses going around I reckon.

Personally I'm having a break from it, back R6 spattered with H1Z1 and just got DETROIT which going to get a run shortly.

Septic146d ago

"Septic - You can't help yourself, you're a joke lol."

Look in the mirror

xX-oldboy-Xx146d ago

Always a snide, veiled dig - you must be spineless in real life. Show some class every now and then.

Septic146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

You have no issue with a myriad of comments celebrating SP games but when I praise MP games you hurl personal insults?

And you call me spineless? You're the coward behind your PC. Don't talk about class when you're throwing insults from the safety of your PC when someone simply says "MP games kicking ass". If you have a backbone say it to my face.


xX-oldboy-Xx146d ago

When was the last article you read that said MP games were dying? That's why when an SP game comes along and is actually good - it gets celebrated.

We know which companies put out the best SP games, or is that lost on you? You're a troll and not a very good one at that.

Just calling you out - you know 90% of your comments are written in a snide manner.

Grow a pair and just write what you want to say.

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badz149145d ago


*Fortnite kicking ass. There, fixed it for you. And it's F2P and maybe it will show MS how to make a proper MP game people wanna play.

It's like you're trying to include recent MS's craps like SoT and SoD2 with Fortnite by saying MP like they are at the same level or something. They are not LOL. nice try.

gangsta_red146d ago

Now we see why so many devs are trying their hand at making a successful MP game.

The money it generates lasts months even years.

MP/GaaS is definitely here to stay.

ConsoleGamer146d ago

Why gamers are willing to pump hundreds or thousands for cosmetics into one game is beyond me. But congrats to epic who managed to make a great game and take use of those who don't mind spending a fortune for mt.

UKRsoldierPRO145d ago

Because it's a hobby that they love?? Like any other hobby where you waste money? Mind blown, I know...

P_Bomb146d ago

My kids just split the cost of the PvE starter pack. $20 each, coupled with the 20% off from and a whopping buck fitty from me.

The kid friendly gameplay, graphics, polish and free entry point made a good case. Something to party up with their friends down the street. Free and PG was key.

UKRsoldierPRO145d ago

Yah, cause killing other people with headshots from a sniper rifle is totes PG as long as it's cartoony. Lol.

P_Bomb145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

PG = parental guidance.

Heads don’t pop, no blood, no foul language or sexual situations (some of the ladies are actually quite hefty), no graphic executions or dismemberments. Characters lose in a shower of bling and rainbows.

That aside, 9/10ths of their party up was spent chopping wood, treasure hunting, crafting walls/stairs and hiding from the storm. Not that it’s any of your business. Don’t presume everyone plays the same. Thanos was about the novelty and running away from the sky punch.

Have you played PvE? You shoot waves of zombie waifs, big ugly monster looking things, looks like a Pixar rogues gallery.

I don’t know how old you are, but I grew up around far more far younger. Looney Toons/Tom and Jerry literally had characters beating the holy #%^* out of eachother. Sunday night Disney had permadeaths and scarier imagery like the headless horseman chase with Ichabod Crane. Transformers the movie was a veritable genocide. At ease Soldier.

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