Don't Be Fooled, A Game's Cost Per Hour Value is Anti-Consumerist

Green Man Gaming now shows cost per hour value on a game, but is it really worth it?

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BeardedDrachen171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

The experience is ultimately what determines a game's value imo.

bouzebbal169d ago

fun you get out of it is also priceless.. just stop gaming if you get nothing out of it.

steven83r169d ago

Not exactly. The experience is just part of it. Unless your parents buy your games or you live at home and have no bill it's not okay to pay $60 for a very short experience. Employers judge our time based on money why can't we do the same for experiences? Gaming isn't cheap so we need to get the most out of every experience.

Tetsujin169d ago

By your logic,
Fighting games is a rip off
Racing games is a rip off
Online only is a rip off
Salaried jobs don't exist

It's based on what the player (you) determines what is considered a good investment. I can buy a $20 game and have just as much fun over a $60+ game. It's the online only models I'd be concerned about because once the servers go down that't it. At least with disc-based (or digital download) you can play for as long as the equipment is still available with minimal headache.

I do see your point, however it should be re-worded. Instead of saying dollar per time, the experience should be based off time per enjoyment. Meaning if you paid $60 for a short game, but you enjoyed it, that means high replay value, which in turn means time spent to play again for various reasons (speed runs, multiple endings, etc).

Hardiman169d ago

The experience is the main reason and the great thing about most these games is that they aren't going anywhere and if you can't afford them new then wait and they'll be on sale or you can also trade in older games too.

Lord_Sloth168d ago

Seriously, does nobody replay games anymore?

DerekTweed168d ago


I get what you're saying, because I could buy a game at 60USD that has 100 hours of content, play it for 5 and not enjoy it and stop playing it. for some they got less than 60cent/hour for me I got more than 10USD/hour.

This is very subjective and comes down to taste and preference.

But say I bought a game at 60USD and there was only 5 hours of content in the game all together. I would feel ripped off.

It would seem like that. with so many games, why would someone want to replay a game they finished when there are new experiences to be had.

Sometimes I don't even finish a game that I do like because something new comes along.

I like the cost per hour for myself, If I get 1euro/hour, I am very happy, but that is hard to get when games cost 65/70 euros these days. So normally I don't buy games at full price unless I know I'll play it a lot, for example AC:Origins, I bought the gold edition and played it for more than 80 hours. or Battlefield, I'll play that for 100's of hours.

Basically, my point is, as an metric, based on other people's playtime, for whether or not to buy a came I think cost per hour is pretty much useless but as an way of judging if I got my money's worth, I think it is OK on a personal level

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narsaku171d ago

Read a review from someone you trust, see if it's your kind of game by watching a lets play, weigh it vs other games available both now and historically in the industry.

Boom. You're an intelligent consumer.

Seraphim168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

honestly, an intelligent consumer doesn't need to do any research. They know what they enjoy and what their money is worth so can select any given game based on a simple video/trailer.

Besides, reviews haven't been unbiased articles about a games strengths, weaknesses, technical flaws for probably 2 decades+. Nowadays reviews are opinion pieces that do very little to nothing to truly help any gamer in need of guidance.

Hardiman171d ago

Yeah I don't care about hours played! I love all kinds of games from first person titles like Doom, Wolfenstien, Prey, Dishonored to action rpg's like Fallout and Skyrim. I also love third person action adventure/rpg like The Evil Within, GOW, TLOU, Uncharted to more open world games like HZD, Witcher 3, Breadth of the Wild, Infamous, The Phantom Pain and AC Origins. Also love JRPG's like Nier, Tales of Berseria, Persona 5 and Ni No Kuni II. Also love titles like Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit! That's not to mention indie titles and really to me it's about the experience the game offers to me. Some of these games I put weeks or months into and others hours but I enjoyed them all immensely!

Adisoftcafe169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

This is stupid! Maybe I'll play Destiny 2 for 700 hours and Witcher 3 for two hours. And someone else can get 200 hours on Witcher and 20 minutes in Destiny 2. And what about single player? God of War 3 is bad value and State of Decay 2 is good value?

steven83r169d ago

I don't think you understood. It's not about how many hours you feel like playing it's about how many hours you're allowed to play before the game is over. God of War 3 does not have much of a replay value State of Decay 2 has a ton of replay value with online co-op

Roronoa0411168d ago

Umm no because if you loved the game you can play it over and over again...

Adisoftcafe168d ago

Ok. Take this: You can go to see Niagara falls once or spend 10 weekends on a little river. What to choose? Well...both. There are great multiplayer games and great single player games. State of Decay 2 is not one of them!

DerekTweed168d ago

My understanding was it is based on steam users playtime of the game. Meaning one person may play 2 and another 2000 meaning the average would be 1001 hours.

It may be good value for money in terms of playtime but it that is only one metric. If I don't like a game, I'm not going to play it for a long time no matter how much I paid for it.

I don't know how anyone can replay a story driven game when you know what is going to happen. Especially when there are so many other good games to play. But games like battlefield, or other multiplayer games have tons of replay value because they are not story focused.

I loved Yakuza Kiwami, 0 and 6 but I would not replay it after finishing everything (well not everything but 90%) because the focus of that game is the story. I mean I really loved those games, like best games of the generation by far, for me. But I still wouldn't play them again, at least not for a few years, but still probably not

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