Kingdom Hearts III Will Be Playable At E3 2018

Square Enix will bring a demo of Kingdom Hearts III for all those who want to try the most recent title of the franchise.

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PhoenixUp146d ago

Square Enix sure is confident this game is coming out soon

Obelisk92145d ago

release date please... I need it...

ThatOneRiggaNob146d ago

Can't believe this is actually happening.

megaleo009145d ago

Ok good,but we need yes or yes a release day in E3.

GamesMaster1982145d ago

If the release date is not confined this year I’m going to just forget all about this now . I loved all them , but it’s getting a joke now the amount of years it gets delayed .

Plagasx145d ago

It's soooooooo close now. I can feel it in my balls.