Battlefield 5 Tides of War is a Live Service Done Right

GameRevolution: "Electronic Arts and DICE left gamers a lot to be excited about when they finally took down the curtain surrounding BATTLEFIELD 5 and showed it to the world for the first time. Everything they showed looks great, from a much more physical-playing first-person shooter to a new fortification system that will add new layers of strategy to the action. However, what really left me impressed by the showing was the talk of Tides of War, the new live service that the Swedish studio will be launching alongside the game in October."

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197d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada196d ago

I'd be surprised if its live services rivals Monster Hunter World's..........

PapaBop196d ago

Pretty sure I remember seeing multiple articles just like this praising their decision to remove season pass with Battlefront 2 and look at how that turned out, if it wasn't for Disney's intervention, that'd be a full priced AAA p2w game. Hopefully EA really are trying to turn a new leaf but they've pulled way too much shady crap to be given the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they'll prove us doubters wrong.

CorndogBurglar196d ago

Well, it looks like they really are being legit with BF5. They've already made the following announcements:

1. No paid DLC. All maps and additional content is free.
2. No loot boxes.
3. Progression is ONLY made through gameplay.
4. All modes are available to all players 100% of the time.
5. MT's are for cosmetics only.

This pretty much covers all bases. I really don't see how else they could screw us. This covers everything. MT's. Loot boxes. Cutting players off from content with paywalls. I just really don't see what else they can charge money for.

I'm still cautious. But I REALLY hope this is EA finally doing the right thing. And let's be honest, after the hurt sales and bad press from what they tried to pull with Battlefront 2, this is really the only option they had. They're reputation simply could not take another hit like they did with BF2.

And if this is legit then I couldn't be happier. I have skipped far too many games that I wanted to play because of EA's stupid decisions.

MunchMiller00196d ago

"Well, it looks like they really are being legit with BF5."

Welcome to Earth.

Clearly you either were born yesterday, or arrived yesterday.

MunchMiller00196d ago

Think you have a little something on your chin there..... right there..... yep.

Derceto196d ago

"Live Service Done Right"

Sure thing buddy.

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The story is too old to be commented.