Avalanche Hiring Multiplayer Experts for “Next Set of Titles”, Possibly for Just Cause 4 and Rage 2

A recent job announcement by Avalanche Studios suggests that the team would be working on a title that also includes a multiplayer mode. We are trying to understand what it could be, will the multiplayer sector be used for the newly announced Rage 2 or also the much desired Just Cause 4?

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xX1NORM1Xx196d ago

I NEED multiplayer just cause, it’s such a fun game me and my brother spent ages passing the pad between each other doing stupid stuff like attaching those booster mines to the bottoms of cars to make flying cars... that exploded after.

Obscure_Observer196d ago

Some people will start to hate Rage 2 out of sudden.

TheCommentator196d ago

Do you mean because Avalanche is co-developing the title?

Obscure_Observer196d ago


No. It´s because it may possibly feature MP.