Phoenix Rising Is A New Fan-Made Pokemon Game That You Can Play Right Now

Phoenix Rising is a new and impressive looking fan-made Pokemon game that is available to play right now on PC, via a free downloadable demo.

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noxeven147d ago

and that dmca takedown has already been sent out.

FancyMudkip147d ago

And before the Nintendo Ninjas come to take this down...

Agent_00_Revan147d ago

"Phoenix Rising is following an episodic release schedule", "According to the developers, subsequent releases will be announced in the future"

Ha! Never going to happen. Nintendo will be all over this so fast your head will spin. Your best bet was to stay quiet until it was fully complete. I understand people want to get their fanmade projects out there, but remember who your biggest enemy might be, and Nintendo is one of the biggest when it comes to fanmade games.

HylianMigz147d ago

dl’ing this right now before i cant ever again